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A lobster that is scared of tight spaces has claw-strophobia. no but for real have you all ever seen anything like this before? #slipperlobster
Talk about the trip of a lifetime Who doesnt love dogs and some good fishing ?
That one time I ordered a Giant Lobster from the internet with my friends @zak_catch_em and @wild_world_of_farley watch the full video on my YouTube haha how much do you think it weighed?!
Meet my Common Snapping Turtle Godzilla he can be feisty at times but Ill tell you what hes a fan favorite for sure! Whats your favorite turtle?
Jumbo mahi with @nick_dez and @hardy_man the video alone will show crazy the day was and what we found in its stomach! Take a wild guess on what it was?!
Theyre nice and fluffy until they bite ya crazy day with @scallywag__life showing me how its done with his K9sswipe to see the progression of me getting chewed HAHA
Here is Harley.. the Harlequin Shrimp she is one of the coolest inverts that lives in the Pacific Ocean..she is so interesting because the only thing she known to eat are chocolate chip starfish..Currently she is for sale at one of my local fish stores, should I bring her home?
Hundreds of Baby Redtails that will turn into GIANT RIVER MONSTERS! Whats your favorite catfish?
Its that time of year love me some Jumbo Spiny Lobster!
These guys went CRAZY! Catch of a lifetime. Have you ever caught a sturgeon?
Everything is bigger in DA SWAMP... I dont usually take pics with other peoples fish but when the fish is damn near 7ft you kinda have too. Total team effort with @catch_em_all_fishing & @ttv.terribletim to get this baddie out of the canal and on the bank. The whole video is on @catch_em_all_fish...
How I feel about my YouTube comment section.. : @predatoryfins_official