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Progress is not achieved by luck or accident but by working on yourself daily
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yung West African gyal (Igbo & Yoruba).
Bad at social media, good at life.
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I dont know if I can sum up how HYPED I am right now!!! Im so excited to be a part of this film. This is what dreams are made of. And I know it might sound clich but keep chasing your dreams people! Put in that work and stay the course. Lets go!!!
To celebrate the third episode tonight, we asked the cast to describe this season of #Walker in three words!! What word would you use and is it frittata? Watch TONIGHT at 8/7c. Stream free next day, only on @thecw!! #WalkerFamily
@chanpierre_uk You never cease to amaze me. You stepped outside your comfort zone and made it look effortless. You had a level of calm and confidence that takes years to cultivate. I adore you for your bravery and I applaud you for your willingness. I love you and Im proud of you. And you look da...
Its Trey Day tomorrowAll dayCome join me on @thecwwalker for all kinds of treynanigans and make sure you tune in to @thecw at 8/7c for a very special episode of WALKER afterwards.
Cant paint a portrait all at once. Gotta take it one stroke at a time. Each one improving upon the last.
Its been too long. Feels great to get the hands moving again. Time to build on that foundation and carve out technique. s/o @ronniek.23 Lets work!!
Its that special time of year again. A time for family and friends to rejoice and celebrate. But its also a time to decompress. And what better way to do that than watching a Christmas movie. Ive always loved a good Christmas movie because it never gets old. And now, Im in one and I couldnt be mo...
I couldnt be more proud of this man right here. Greg is a friend, a brother and a true inspiration. Hes a pioneer within our culture who is quickly blazing his own trail in the industry. I look forward to this especially after such a historic moment in the TV/film indusrty. The strike is over ba...
Sometimes its the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination.
MaldivianVibes s/o @lifeofamaldivian
I couldnt resist