Artistic collaboration:: Jessie Unterhalter and Katey Truhn

transforming shared spaces
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Dreaming big and thinking beyond the walls! This mural isn't just confined to the verticalit spills onto the floor, creating a fun and interactive pathway. We love thinking about shared public spaces and how we can change sterile environments into all-immersive experiences. We're eager to move ...
Dropping shades on the sidewalk like it's a runway for rainbows!!! . A little throwback picture of the piece we painted in Atlanta last spring with the dream team @livingwallsatl .And now, for your enjoyment, a note from ChatGPT:Just finished my abstract mural, and suddenly a flock of synchroniz...
We're loving this snow, but we're missing the sunshine! We were dreaming of cold weather when we painted the Heitzman Rec center back in June. We were getting to the site at 5am to avoid the heat....which is hard to imagine now! This project was a beast, we painted the entire building, so this pi...
glowing in Denver! .The sun was super harsh on this wall, we had to cover our lift in beach umbrellas to create shade.
If you're in Baltimore tomorrow (12/16), come to our studio sale from 12-3.All of our prints are 20% off! There's lots of stuff that isn't up on our website.. and you can meet Ramona.. ( katey's cute pup) . There's lots of other fun stuff happening in the building tooo, so come say hi!.3500 Parkd...
We're so excited about how our new riso print turned out! .<>.- 4 color print- 11 x 14 inches- edition of 75- $50 smackers .Printed by @risolve
<>-18 x 24- 6 layers - printed on archival paper- edition of 75Head over to our website to purchase!((( link in bio)))
Were thrilled to have @jessieandkatey exhibiting at @umbrellaartfair this year! Jessie Unterhalter and Katey Truhn make up the Baltimore based artist team better known as Jessie and Katey. Their mission is to transform public spaces into vibrant, playful experiences, and use a highly geometric, a...
It's almost nap season.....Made this lobby piece for out in LA a few years ago.
A little rainbow action for the gloomy weekend.
Thanks for inviting us to come and paint @ninedotarts. We had a blast in Denver, and couldn't be happier with how the mural turned out!It was hard to get a final pic, but hopefully you can imagine what it looks like without the scaffolding. The piece is on 36th and Brighton if ya wanna see it IRL.
Putting on the final touches@ninedotarts @rinoartdistrict