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We have a few spots left for our upcoming womens wellness retreat in Tulum!Glowing Goddess Retreat Tulum, Mexico ~ Jan 22-26, 2024More than just your average retreat, this is a transformative journey of self-care and empowerment. Youll have the opportunity to unplug from your regular routine and ...
A simple way to be more present on the mat is to shift your attention inwards. Focus on how the pose feels rather than how it looks. This also gives us more grace, room to move intuitively + judgement free and the space to explore and grow.Create a daily yoga routine by joining our new 15-day eve...
Welcome to the Glowing Goddess RetreatAre you ready to embark on this transformative journey and connect with a small, intimate group of like-hearted women with PLENTY of time to reconnect with yourself? Come join us (Me, @jessicarichburg and @goddusrising) January 22nd-26th, 2024 in Tulum, Mexic...
The earth rejoices in abundance and light, and so do we. Already feeling the expansive energy of the new season. Summer solstice is a time to dream, reflect and set our intentions. What you nourish in your life will flourish Come join the community and practice the Summer Solstice challenge on th...
Reflecting on my favorite Peru memories ~A few years ago I had a vision of hosting a retreat here. This year the timing aligned and the journey unfolded in unexpected ways. It was a reminder that surrendering and embracing lifes ever-changing flow allows everything to work out how its meant to. M...
Were engaged!! I cant wait to marry the love of my life. 05.24.23
Happy International Yoga Day Always grateful for this practice, an ever-evolving journey. There have been many lessons and changes over the years, but Ive found the heart of the practice, of yoga, remains the same ~ harmony of body, mind and spirit. Today marks the beginning of our Rise & Shine c...
Moments in Marrakech Reminiscing on a beautiful trip Grateful for the opportunity to explore, meet so many new and wonderful people, learn about Moroccan culture, and celebrate love.
A reminder as we enter into a new month. Setting the intention to let go and trust. In the yoga practice there is a principle known as Isvara Pranidhana - which means to surrender to the divine. When we release our fears we allow ourselves to be filled with grace accepting all that comes as a d...
You were not created to be perfect or have it all together everyday. You were created to evolve and grow over time. Journey in sweet grace. @lalahdelia
Morning mobility flow The key to moving better and feeling more open + free in your body is improving the range of motion in your joints. Here are some active drills Ive been adding into my practice and loving recently~ (Repeat each at least 3x) Side bend arm circles Tabletop spinal wavesDownward...
Im so excited to share with you NEW features on the Jess Yoga app Play on Computer In addition to streaming on your phone, tablet & TV - you can now play all classes + courses on your desktop! This has been a highly requested feature and Im so happy its officially live Community Commenting Crea...