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Happy Fathers Day to my high school sweetheart, hubby, baby daddy! Almost 21 years together + 3 babies The best soul mate I could ever ask for and the most amazing father
3 days postpartum 7 days postpartum Down 19.2 lbs and not doing anything fancy at this point. Nursing, eating lots of food, staying hydrated, getting some steps in (not tracking these consistently yet), sleeping 3-4 hour stretchesabout 8-9 hours total.Harper is the best baby out of the 3. Shes s...
HARPER ELISE RIZOR 5/28/24 11:29 PM7lbs, 12oz 22 longShe made a very fast and dramatic arrival! We love her so much already.
Last day of FIRST grade our sweet boy is growing so fast! Proud of him for having such an excellent year!!! and I made it through the last week of school without going into labor!
38 W E E K S with baby 3! Our little miracle baby who unexpectedly came to us during a time of sorrow is almost here! We are waiting for her to complete our family any day now! Pregnancy 3 has been my easiest pregnancy physically (until recently ). Zero bed rest as opposed to my previous pregnan...
#Congratulations to our #NPC athlete who competed this weekend!Coach @jamidebernard @fbf_papa_bear Elena ChurikovaOpen Bikini - 1stNPC North Carolina NaturalCoach @yvette.cassandra.ifbbpro Katie MathisNovice - 4thOpen Bikini - 4thNPC Night of ChampionsCoach @_angelarutherford_ Valerie Melendez No...
NEW FitBody Podcast episode for you mamas out there! Coach @jessicaquillian dives into pregnancy, postpartum, and finding balance between motherhood and your fitness and health goals. Jessica is vulnerable with listeners and discusses about the struggles of #MomGuilt and how to meet yourself wher...
34 weeks preggers! Lifting this pregnant is so different, and Ive never experienced it!Its both empowering and exhausting Im pretty sure this baby has dropped a little bit because I cant walk on the treadmill anymore at an incline without feeling lots of cervical pressure. I can make it maybe 1...
Congratulations to our #NPC athlete who competed this weekend!Wasatch Warrior @wasatchwarriorshowCoach @erinkamm_ifbbpro Skylee CardellTrue novice - 3rdNovice - 4thJunior - 1stOpen Bikini - 5thCoach @jessicaquillian Chelsie millerHero Bikini - 1stOpen Bikini F - 2ndCoach @kerrynehenich_ifbbpro Ke...
33 weeks pregnant and in the gym - something I have never experienced in my previous 2 pregnancies! its interesting to say the least and people are much chattier and have some interesting opinions when youre walking around with a baby bump.Just a little snippet of my really really light workout y...
32 Weeks + 5 Days This pregnancy has been so different compared to my other two.- no bed rest - Im going to the gym 2-3x per week based on how Im feeling - I have two kids, including a toddler under two, which is HARD! - I havent counted macros and heres why: with how much I have competed and cou...
#FitBodyFlashback to my first show with @fitbodyfusion in 2014, which was @spectrumfitnessproductions Goldenstate. I was 27 at the time, before babies!I found FitBody Fusion and @jamidebernard through a friend I competed with on a previous team and once I had my consultation with Jami, I knew she...