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Threatin returns to London after infamous hoax tour.#threatin #jeredthreatin
Threatin returned to London last night and it was as weird as you could imagine.- NME Magazine / The only people worth paying attention to are the unusual ones. - Threatin#threatin #jeredthreatin
One of the strangest gigs I've ever seen. - Classic Rock Magazine ] ...It's only going to get more strange.- Threatin#threatin #jeredthreatin
2 weeks until the next controversy. The rock scene is boring without me. You're welcome.#threatin #jeredthreatin
November 1st in London Will Not be a Normal show. 3 weeks until the next Controversy begins. 3 weeks until everyone asks...
Who wants to go to London? Threatin is seeking another guitarist for his upcoming tour to the United Kingdom this November. Criteria for auditioning musicians below.Preferred, but not Required:You CANNOT: - Live with your mother- Have more than one lazy eye- Be someone who reads self-help books a...
Threatin returns to the year to the day.#threatin #jeredthreatin
Negativity Sells. If you want to get people talking...give them something to complain about.I manufactured a controversy and the media bought into it.#threatin #jeredthreatin
What is Fake News? I turned an empty room into an international headline. If you are reading this, you are part of the illusion.#Marketing #Psychology #SocialMedia #FakeNews #Threatin #BreakingTheWorld #MusicIndustry #JeredThreatin
via Twitter tomorrow...
I'm taking over Germany on 16 November in Weinheim at Cafe Central. @cafecentralweinheimGet your tickets now! See you
It's almost here...the Breaking the World Tour#threatin #jeredthreatin