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Bodybuilder Conan Terminator and former Governor of California I killed the Predator Im here to pump you up
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Focused and driven to one day enjoy the fruit of my labor
Winner winner..Chicken soup dinner..
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Fake it till you make it, right?
Pay attention to who youre with when you feel your best.
Surround yourself with people who force you to level up!Whats your squat 1-rep max? @morten.physique #squatproof #squats #squatchallenge #legdayworkout #legdaydone #legdaymotivation #kbenhavn #kobenhavn #fitnessworld #fitnessworlddk
Operation Chicken Legs feat. @morten.physique
Daily carb up..
Whats the absolute favorite place youve ever visited!? LA, California, in particular visiting Muscle Beach was for for one of the most awesome places Ive ever been!
Amazing seeing and listening to @ulissesworld this evening in @loadedgym . Inspiring, humble and genuine personality. Hes honestly 4 times my size, but @lj_aesthetics was kind enough to put me in an advantageous angle