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What Type of Amp do you prefer and why?1 Tube2 Solid-state3Modeler4Something else?
Jazz Chord Tricks That Always Work! You can easily add simple reharmonizations to your playing and add a bit of variation!PDF on Patreon...#jazzguitar #chordsolo #jazzchords #chordmelody #jazzguitarist #jazzlesson #jazzsolo
Do You Need To Work On Your Technique? Which exercises do you recommend?Chromatic CombinationsScalesArpeggiosEtudesSomething else?
Two Secret Arpeggios In Your Playing Check out the amazing soundsyou can create by going beyond the basic 7th chord arpeggios Dom7th(b5) and Dom7th(#5) are amazing on top of other chords or use for altered chords!PDF on Patreon...#jazzguitar #jazzlesson #guitaradvice #jazzphrasing #jazzpractice...
Who is the most underrated Jazz Guitarist? (and why)
The perfect song for this type of playing: Chord Melody that doesn't get boxed in by bass notes or complete chords. This is Ain't Misbehavin' The old Fats Waller classic.1 Mixing chords and bass lines2 Adding Chromatic Passing Chords3 Mixing Melody and chordsLonger version on Patreon What similar...
If you had the opportunity to change one commonly accepted rule or convention in jazz guitar, what would it be and why?
Strange Chord Progression In C major #guitarHere's a strange but wonderful chord progression. It ends on a beautiful Cmaj7 and moves smoothly with beautiful Jazz Chords through C major harmony, but remember: Scale key PDF on Patreon...#jazzguitar #chordsolo #jazzchords #chordmelody #jazzguitari...
Are You Guilty? (I know I am )
These Most-Dorian Chords Are Beautiful! This sound is criminally overlooked, and it is so beautiful! Check out these Dorian chords and variations plus examples of how to use them as Jazz chords in common progressions! PDF on Patreon!...#jazzguitar #jazzlesson #guitaradvice #jazzphrasing #jazzprac...
Is this true? meme: @jmetsmusic
What is your favorite Jazz Guitar Album, and why?