never not bothering my rescue cats and goober offspring
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We have no idea how Jeremy puts up with us chaos muppets on a daily basis, but it must just mean he really loves us. Felix and I are two lucky goobs.
Could not have asked for a better #ootd partner-in-crime. Thanks, uterus!
Turns out Felix is a natural born adventurer. No rock or mountain is too high for the goob and he thrives in nature. If we have to turn back from a hike, hell tell us hes going to keep going by himself to keep searching for rock giants. Truly embodying the spirit of his middle name, Bombadil.
Two of Felixs favorite things to do is experience different modes of transportation and hang out with animals, so a puffin boat tour was an obvious choice. Unfortunately, we didnt set quite the right expectations and he left a bit disappointed that he wasnt able to actually poke the puffins. #I...
Back on my #ootd bullshit in Iceland. As I walked into the church, a Grandpa came up to me and said, Did you know your pants are ripped? And then he proceeded to guffaw. Grandpas are the same everywhere.
Introducing the Ying Yang Twins: (and their third wheel). Its been 2 years since we said goodbye to old man Bubs and somehow the universe felt we were ready. Caspers family couldnt keep him and needed to find him a new home and, thanks to our cat sitter, Casper found his way to us and over the ...
Just a completely normal family on the playground photographing their next album cover. Nothing to see here.
I present to you, Felix, the goat whisperer (who then proceeded to try to ride a goat).
Felix can outpose me any day of the damn week. Also swipe to see Felix delighting in the fact that a strategically placed pile of dirt looks like the rhino statue pooped.
Felix lives up to his goober status tenfold and we love him so much our butts are gonna explode. Even when he makes us drink water and then reveals its actually sea lion pee pee. The damn scoundrel! Heres to a brand spankin new year in just a few days and a rejuvenating holiday season to you all....
I just wanted to say, in this life, I really like doing laundry and taxes with these two. A Halloween tribute to our favorite movie weve seen this year by far, Everything Everywhere All At Once (well, except for Felix, whos a bit young to watch it, but he was super into his raccoon tail). Anothe...
You idiots! You... YOU FOOLS! OH, YOU IMBECILES! Ive always been strangely into Jasper and Horace, the two bumbling crooks from 101 Dalmatians, and Felix loves the movie (he keeps pretending to rescue puppies) so this years family Halloween costume was a no brainer. Plus, Felix was beyond excite...