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Expectations are the cause of all disappointment.I'll always give it to you straight. Anything else is a disservice to you and will lead to disappointment, you quitting, and a lot of frustration.If you want REAL help, DM me START and we can chat about how I can help...
Did I miss anything?If you want to live a fit and healthy life, you MUST weight train and prioritize muscle.We get so caught up in losing weight that we sacrifice muscle in the process and shoot ourselves in the foot. What else can muscle do for you? Drop it in the comments
Have you had a bad experience with a coach? Drop a commentBuyer beware...there are more fakers than there are legitimate coaches here on IG.I talk with people everyday that have been taken advantage of by inexperienced or careless coaches.It makes them incredibly skeptical that anyone can help th...
If youre not weight training, youll likely not keep the weight off. Diet alone can help you lose weight, but youll eventually fail on the restrictive diet and gain it back. Lift weights, build muscle, boost your metabolism, lose fat, stay fit and happy forever.
Does alcohol really impact your muscle mass?Why do you drink to begin with?Start there...
Winners and losers have the same goals, but not the same habits.Your habits and actions determine your outcomes, not your goals.Commit to the boring activities and you'll WIN.
Motherstheyre pretty incredibleI was blessed with one of the most selfless, giving, supermom Ive heard of. I had 5 siblings, and we were all close together in age and she had the house humming along like clockwork. She was an incredible example to me of how a parent can be. She literally did it a...
Balance your workout and your growth by including cardio in your regimen. Cardio does not equal muscle loss.
The game changesIf you dont change with it, youll quickly get frustrated and likely quit. If youve neglected your health and youre into your 40s, then you likely have a hole to dig yourself out of. Find something that works for where youre at now and can incorporate into your life without taking ...
We constantly judge others and we judge ourselves. We are more than our outward appearance, but what does your outside say about your inside?The mind and body are one An unhealthy body will impact your mind and soul as much as a healthy body Like it or not, you are judged by your appearance, and ...
Are you a liability or an asset?
Fair Weather Fit? No such thingThe fit body you aspire to have? That doesn't happen on your timeline, according to your preferences, or when it's convenient for you.It's either a priority and you do the work, or it's not and you don't.You must accept the outcomes of both. Drop a if you like this