Jason "J Boy" Carey

Actor/Entertainer: "Best Emcee u will EVER See", .. Specialist, Luxury Wedding Host, Spokesperson, VO, @applemusic @939powerhitz @1011thefam ⚡️Host
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FREE BIRTHDAY PARTIES SCORPIOS & SAGITTARIUS this Friday. Relatives in town or maybe you are back home to visit. Let's get into it Friday ALL BLACK Black FRIDAY Welcome 2 Atlanta Party at @thedaiquirifactorystockbridge this FRIDAY! Music by @djnahmean302 energy by @rashonlove Powered by @939pow...
Since they sharing pictures, I make sure I'm immaculate in each of 'em. I'm pretty easy to find, but really tough to handle. Better bring your A game! #FreshIsTheCode #thetopic #GearedUp #pinkpanther #JBizzle #TheBizzle #MensFashion #HowdoYouBruno #Whoisjasoncarey
Live RIGHT NOW on @1011thefam!! WILD 4 the Night w/ Jason J Boy Carey Friday 9-10pm EST. #freshisthecode #Tunein #Radio #Live #Music #WhoisjasonCarey
In the Mountains, top of the world. The creatives, creating incredible unforgettable memories. @djgeniusatl @dichotomypoetry @Jason804 | sidenote: This day is the reason I came home and copped the Ryker to try to recapture this feeling. #Inspiration #International #WorldWideAdventures #Whoisjason...
Friday!!!!! WILD 4 the Night w/ Jason Carey On Air 5pm ESt @939powerhitz and 9pm EST @1011thefam. Then get outside and attend One of J Boy's Poppin Options | -@wizardcraig 5pm #After5Vibes at @cricketsscobb -#TheRefresh at Monticello RSVP www.refreshFriday.com -@djnahmean302 on air at 8pm then At...
People so driven by social media that you actually believe that lil heart button is verbal communication or validation of some sort LOL!!!! a like may mean nice picture, nice shoes, nice oufit, nice pose, nice location, nice eyes, nice framing, congratulations, I agree, or even nice body. But let...
EVERY weekend we are creating unforgettable memories for newly weds and wedding attendees. Your guest will only remember 2 things...how good the Food was and how live the party was! Apply your budget in the proper place...#Hireaprofessional!!!! @Jason804 @djtay1906 @djtayproductions
#FreshTips: Caught this coat on super discount in a warmer climate state. So tips is look for winter fresh in them warm cities as you move about the country. They ain't buying it and the store still needs to move the merch. So keep your eyes open, often can run up on a deal!!! #FreshIsTheCode
Up Next the Boy is back on air central VA!!! WILD 4 the Night w/ Jason Carey On @1011thefam 9pm EST. Trying to tell you these shows just the tip of the iceberg
The unfair part when I pull up is I perform even BETTER than I look, and my looks stay exceptional! Last night was an all white situation. Tpnight back in the city for a black tie situation, and I'm just as prepared. #FreshIsTheCode #WhiteonWhite #TheCleanest #instagood #Instafashion #blackmenwit...
It's not winter it's summer then winter again it's Wimmer can't figure out what to wear but a little rain coming to the A, may cool it off. Better pull out the timbs or or Nike Boots for the weekend. Winners keep winning and Tune into @939powerhitz & @1011thefam today and all weekend!!!!
Live on air across the wooooorld! Right now are you tuned in? Click link in bio follow @939powerhitz