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Happy Birthday to Pop, my partner in crime! Mom made a champion
Tomorrow we Live! Were performing at the 7th annual Music N Media! We go on at 7:30. Link in Queen @iamkhrissyb Bio for tickets. See yal there
Simple and Subtle. God is in the details. @puma blessed us with these new ones and ive been running them through hella rounds since. #sexyfentyxpuma #sexyfenty #puma #krump #dance
A Saturday morning get off to start the day right Our ROSE. Unity Collection: 05 is still available for 3 more days. RoseWorldwide.shop#krump #dance #inspire #inspiration
This is not fast fashion A lot of hours and care went into this collection. With the intention to deliver timeless and luxurious comfort for a Real One. This is Art. Thank you to everyone who is shopping the new drop. Unity Collection: 05 aka the Yams Collection is Available Now! #RealOnesStillEx...
Got my first plant. We on now. Does anybody else welcome their plants into their new home like this? (Peep the choir backgrounds im trynna squeeze in) Everybody around me got ultrasound pics and I am Welcoming my 1st plant into my life. Lol this was part of the ceremony to find her name.
You Heard 2 HOWLING WOLVES Yet?! (Link in Bio)
Tattoos&Blues II came out 1 year ago today!! Damn, time be flying! 5 singles, 4 videos and over 2.5 million streams, all independent! Blessed to be able to create, perform and showcase our gifts on a high level. WHATS YOUR FAVORITE SONG FROM T&B II??
Happy Bornday Shekem! I love you bro. I cherish our bond. Im proud of you. But most importantly , I Respect you. I respect who you are and what you stand on. I respect the fact that regardless of all the shit we seen and been through, youve stood on 10 and never folded the whole way through. Your...
2 Howling Wolves available on October 27th Cant wait to run this one up wit yall ...#Believer
What yall think was said here? Best answer gets a sneak peak at an unreleased single...#Believer