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A Saffron Toucanet enjoying a drizzle from Mata Atlantica, BrazilSaw a pair perched high up along with a Red-breasted Toucan. It was a brief sighting towards late in the evening.This unmistakable species is near -threatened and endemic of Atlantic forests of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay.Copyri...
A Little Tinamou from Peru - Tinamous are often heard than seen. And difficult to photograph even when seen - they are secretive, camouflaged and low-light specialists!Copyright @jainymariakCanon EOS R3 +Canon RF 600 mm f4L USM Lens@canonindia_official@animalplanet@bbcearth@amnh@strabopixelclub@...
Pale-crested Woodpecker- South Pantanal, BrazilCopyright @jainymariakCanon EOS R3 +Canon RF 600 mm f4L USM Lens@canonindia_official@animalplanet@bbcearth@amnh@strabopixelclub@mudasir_manzoor4419@adavialertfoundation@dbbirdwatching@canonusa @canonasia @canoncnafrica@canonsingapore@canon.indonesia...
Lesser Blue-eared Starling - Masai Mara, Kenya Copyright @jainymariakCanon EOS R3 +Canon RF 600 mm f4L USM Lens@canonindia_official@animalplanet@bbcearth@amnh@strabopixelclub@mudasir_manzoor4419@adavialertfoundation@dileepanthikad@warrier_remya@leitato_pesi@canonusa @canonasia @canoncnafrica@can...
White-eared Pheasant - ChinaBeautiful pheasants from the high mountains. The powdery snow gave a mystic charm to these pheasants in the early morning. The whole ambience was surreal with the steep slopes echoing their calls yonder. Making pictures in the biting cold with the effect of a thousand...
Black-winged Cuckooshrike - BhutanCopyright @jainymariakCanon EOS 1DX Mark II +Canon EF 500 mm f4L ISII USM Lens@canonindia_official@animalplanet@bbcearth@amnh@strabopixelclub@mudasir_manzoor4419@adavialertfoundation@canonusa @canonasia @canoncnafrica#canonIndia_official #capturedoncanon #mentor...
Blood Pheasant - China Love beautiful shades of grey and green on this subspecies. And it is fun to watch them darting across the open spaces.Copyright @jainymariakWith @suraj_ramamurthy and @devz_photographyCanon EOS R3 +Canon RF 600 mm f4L USM Lens@canonindia_official@animalplanet@bbcearth@amnh...
Giant Laughingthrush - China A beautiful Laughingthrush that is common in the temperate forests - we had great sightings of these gregarious birds in the highlands. It was amazing to see these birds foraging in heavy wind and snow when most other birds were taking shelter.Copyright @jainymariakWi...
Reeves Pheasant male, China April 2024..#suraj_ramamurthy #sony #sonyalpha #birdsofchina #reevespheasant ..#nuts_about_birds #your_best_birds #kings_birds #planetbirds #bestbirdshots #best_birds_shots #best_birds_of_ig #best_bird_planet #bird_brilliance #birds_adored #birds_captures #birds_privat...
Black-naped Oriole - Andaman and Nicobar Islands, IndiaCopyright: @jainymariakCanon EOS 1DX Mark II +Canon EF 500 mm f4L ISII USM Lens@canonindia_official@animalplanet@bbcearth@amnh@strabopixelclub@mudasir_manzoor4419@adavialertfoundation@canonusa@canonasia#canonIndia_official #capturedoncanon #m...
Golden Pheasant - China A stunning pheasant native to China. The male bird has an yellow-orange cape that fans out on its beck and call. We were enthralled to see 3 adult males performing their best wooing the ever reticent female birds. During the display the cape would spread out like a shield ...
Cream-colored Courser - Gujarat, IndiaCopyright: @jainymariakCanon EOS 1DX Mark II +Canon EF 300 mm f2.8L ISII USM Lens@canonindia_official@animalplanet@bbcearth@amnh@strabopixelclub@mudasir_manzoor4419@adavialertfoundation@canonusa@canonasia#canonIndia_official #capturedoncanon #mentorsinfocus#d...