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actor + author of 'Sissy: A Coming-of-Gender Story' + co-star of VALENTINE (see link)
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Lady in Red In case you're wondering what what a hot trans lady will show up in when you invite her to your wedding, this look is a likely candidate. Congrats @katiejanefernelius luv u (even if u dance like a peanuts character)Pic by @sunny.khan.frothingham Styled by @emmaswilson
Had a meeting at @randomhouse today in NYC. GEE, I WONDER WHAT THAT COULD MEAN???? Maybe it means that I'm brewing up something new that's kind of super exciting but I can't quite tell you about yet? Maybe it means this nonbinary babe is staging......a comeback? WHO KNOWS. Truly, who's to say wha...
Honored to be in today's @latimes talking about something vital: grief, loss, and Hollywood. When I lost my father in 2021, it was easy to talk about the grief. People knew to show up for me and to care for me because my dad had died. But when, over the course of my career, I've lost out on my dr...
Labor Day is the best. Now that I've been part of a strike, I feel so much more connected to the history of labor organizing in the United States and around the world. As human beings on this planet, we have fearless labor organizers (who often gave their very lives) to thank for the present libe...
New gender identity just dropped
@outmagazine said u should date me lol
STRIKE 'EM DEAD Day 73 (i think?) of being on strike and I am more committed than ever. So proud of @sagaftra for joining us in demanding better treatment from the corrupt, greedy little men running Hollywood. PAY up or we're about to SLAY up, darling!: @mishaosherovich
Guess I can strike picket with Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin in a Dolly Parton-inspired outfit off of my bucket list
Were honored to welcome @jacobtobia, actor and author of the national bestselling memoir Sissy: A Coming-of-Gender Story, to Grieve Leave for a conversation with founder, @rfeinglos about: The multi-layered experience of grief within the trans community, encompassing the loss of loved ones and as...
This pride month I will be 1) dressing in saturated hues to overcompensate for depression/express my deeply-seated nonbinary rage, 2) blowing u kisses, 3) playing my lil pink ukulele (her name is Pussy, btw!!!) on the beach 4) making you thirsty for the labor movement and 5) looking for pretty ro...
What a wonderful evening celebrating Transparent: The Musical. Working on Transparent (the TV version) was my first big-girl job in Hollywood and seeing the characters I love come back to life really did it for me. Nostalgia city, baby!Congratulations @joeysoloway @faithsoloway and @mjkaufmanster...
If you hate on me, I will dunk on you