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Former PM of New Zealand Photos are my own except the ones Im intheyre acts of kindness
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Im pretty sporadic on here these days. In part, Ive been wanting to take a bit of a breather from the public side of life. But I wanted to share a wee project Ive been working on called Field. Its a 12 month programme that supports and connects global political leaders who embody political leader...
When I left the role of PM, one of the things I wanted to keep working on was the Christchurch Call to Action - a community of leaders, tech companies and civil society committed to addressing violent extremism and terrorism online. It has always been a multi stakeholder group, but the day to day...
Saturday morning
Grant Robertsons farewell speech to the New Zealand Parliament was not just a collection of great stories, jokes, and political history - it captured who he is as a person. Warm, funny, caring, values driven and with a deep commitment to work on behalf of the most vulnerable. He will always be on...
Today my friend and old colleague, Grant Robertson, announced his retirement. I have known Grant for the better part of twenty years. In many ways, I credit him with my journey to becoming a Member of Parliament. When I was a list candidate for the Labour Party, it was your ranking on the regiona...
13.01.24 Worth the wait. @felicityjean_weddings
Flash flooding in New York wasnt going to stop us getting our vote in for the New Zealand election today. Its the first time since I started voting that I havent been involved in the campaign, but popping a ballot in the box felt just as important. Youll all know where my ticks went (two ticks fo...
If you havent heard of the Earthshot prize, the team released a video yesterday (featuring Earthshot prize winners and products) which is a fantastic explainer. Rather than just look at my poor screenshots, check it out for yourself! Ive popped the link in my bio.
Cant remember the last time I had a birthday that was quite as normal as this one. Tea and toast in bed, work, and dinner with my loves. Feeling very lucky todayand just a little older.
Daughter and niece watching some of the best in the world at the FIFA Womens World Cup. This is what its all about.
That wasnt just a win, it was groundbreaking. What a privilege to see it in person. #footballferns #legends
So lucky to have the chance to see the Football Ferns in action yesterday. And you can too!