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I have a birthday coming up and even though I already have experience with 39 of those, this upcoming one feels a little worse for obvious reasons. My career honestly feels like it's going in a better direction than ever, but my body dysmorphia truly won't stop telling me *what if you're too ugly...
Its mailbag time! We answer your burning questions: how long should you wait to move in with someone youre dating? @itskristinchirico and @missbeegutierrez weigh in.. and I remind you why Im in therapy! All new episodes of beauty and the bee each week!! #podcast #standupcomedy #comedian #comedypo...
Happy birthday to this pretty girl @briehubble who is strong and brave and kind and loving and is not gonna freak out when I suggest we go on a beach vacation sometime soon when she gets back from errands
I wanted you to think of me as a provider. actual quote from a dude who played RDR2. Any other games that you guys do this insanity in instead of actually playing the game? new episode of Beauty & the Bee coming soon! Subscribe now!!! #comedy #comedian #comedypodcast #gamer #rdr2 #videogames
Would you tell a friend they were bad at something? @missbeegutierrez and @itskristinchirico weigh in! #comedy #standup #podcast #standupcomedy #comedian
Do you know someone who makes $x their whole personality? Thats a red flag! Check out an all new Beauty and the Bee with @missbeegutierrez with special guest @itskristinchirico #relationships #comedy #standupcomedy #standup #comedian #podcast
The family that gays together #standup #standupcomedy #gay
SAN DIEGO! Come see me perform at @micdropcomedysandiego on FRIDAY APRIL 12th! I am opening for @jennifersterger Kevin the dog won't be there but I promise I am just as funny! Link for tickets in my bio! (We'll take pics after if you want!)
I understand the assignment. a whole new episode of Beauty & The Bee is live wherever you get your podcasts. With special guest, comedian @kristinchirico !! We talk dating red flags, guys that make $x their only hobby, and how to stop dating people that remind you of your parents #comedian #com...
Can you believe it's been ONE YEAR since I started doing stand-up??? I feel like I have accomplished so much in that time. Just kidding, I don't feel like I've ever accomplished anything ever. But I DID get into my first comedy festival!!!and I am on TWO SHOWS as part of @bergamotcomedyfest with ...
Youve seen her on Buzzfeed, @itskitchenandjorn and on stages across LA! We are more than elated to have KRISTIN CHIRICO back for our MAR 7TH The Kids Are Fine, Not Great at 8pm @crowcomedy TIX IN BIO. IN THE MEANTIME CHECK OUT THE REST OF OUR KILLER LINEUP;Zoe Zakson - @zoezakson (Host + Producer...
The cereal youre nervous to eat #standupcomedy #comedy #comedypodcast #funny #podcastclips #jokes