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Tasha, Natasha, Iggwilv, Hura... call her whatever you want, as long as you don't call her late for the summoning circle Tasha is from Dungeons & Dragons Costume & photos by me#dnd #dungeonsanddragons #dndcosplay #dndcostume #witchyvibes
lawful good, with a side of fiend In this week's YouTube video, I let the dice design 3 D&D character cosplays for me! Here was the first one: A lawful good elf warlock being slowly corrupted by her Patron's fiendish influence.Did you see the video yet? I like how this look came out, but in my h...
Birthday! Birthday!! Thirty four years ago yesterday, little Ginny was born! Shortly thereafter, the fey stole her and left me, a weird and sickly thing with unnatural interests, in her place. The rest is history!If you feel inclined to send a birthday gift, here's my wishlist of gifts I would re...
If you say you wouldn't go through their pockets... I'll call you a lyre #dungeonsanddragons #dnd #ttrpg #tabletopgaming #tabletoprpg #dnd5e #dndmemes
Here we see the cervitaur in her natural habitat. She's got a great rack, of course, but antlers aren't all this fantastical creature has to offer! And though she may look friendly, if you find her bow and arrow trained on you, you'd better hoof it. #fantasy #fantasyphotography #fantasycostume #...
Selfies, cats, and plants from my May camera roll! In order: spooky lady Fitz enjoying the sunshine Josh and I at the Once Upon a Dream Ball several of my 50 plants after I bravely culled at LEAST 8 a particularly pastel day cozy Pablo cozy Ginny Josh posing nobly with the Washington Monument on ...
Taking a semi-voluntary sabbatical from her church, Eloise Van der Graaf and her two besties are SO excited to get out into the world and make so many new friends! Played by @itsginnydiArt by TamVmaTHelp us raise money for @doctorswithoutborders while playing #TalesoftheValiant by @KoboldPressRol...
Okay game masters, be honest... have you done a tally? What's your NPC gender breakdown? Did you catch last week's video? It's all about tips for players and GMs roleplaying across gender.#dnd #dnd5e #ttrpg #tabletopgames
Jimmy Dean, heir to the sausage fortune People often ask me why I don't cosplay male characters, and besides just... having zero interest in that, as you can see, I also have the face and frame of a 12-year-old boy If you thought me cosplaying a beefy half-orc barbarian was unconvincing... well...
Have you ever roleplayed a PC of a different gender? Was it different from roleplaying a PC of your own gender?Today's video is all about how to roleplay across gender! I'm sharing tips for both GMs and players to help you bring characters of other genders to life authentically and respectfully....
I'm basically a plant. I get sad and floppy when I haven't had enough water, and if I don't get enough sun, I am EXTREMELY dramatic about it.#fantasyphotography #dryad #fantasycostume
Naturally I wrote a whole song with detailed navigation instructions and then GenCon changed their website layout overnight Anyway, I'm sure you can find it!Will I see you there? #gencon #gencon24