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Your Esthie Bestie here: Winter skin deserves a VIP treatment, and Ive teamed up with @bioelements to bring you the ultimate hydration duo! Winter wont defeat your skin this season! Introducing Collagen Rehab face maska rescue mission for your skin. With key ingredients like fatty acids, colla...
Winter calls for extra TLC! My favorite body wash combo right now. Double cleansing just like I do with my face has become a must. Step 1: Gentle cleanser to whisk away impurities without stripping natural oils. Step 2: Nourishing cleanser to lock in moisture and combat dryness. The perks? Enha...
Forever grateful Happy Thanksgiving, lovely people! Sending love and hugs to all#gratitude #happythanksgiving #growingfamily
Once I get my nails done, my weekend starts on a good note! comment if you agree! @nailsbyleezy always executes #almondnails #nailsnailsnails #nailsofinstagram #nailsart #nailsinspo
I always forget to do these monthly dumps Octobers adventures #momlife #parentlife #octoberdump
Whoever said that LIED but seriously, why did I think this time around would be the complete opposite Lets talk about morning sickness. Which really isnt the morning! Did you have it? Or know someone who did? Share your experience below. Its a safe place here also, if youre going through it, se...
Skin care during pregnancy can be a whole other world! But did you know there are some skin care ingredients that are advised to avoid during pregnancy? Here are some swaps with alternatives that you can consider.* Also, everyones opinion on this can vary, so if youre unsure or want second opinio...
Elevate Your Skincare Game! #RanavatPartner Im excited to introduce you to the Ranavat Brightening Saffron Serum. The way my skin just loved this product, I cant highlight it enough! It makes my skin so feel and look radiant, smooth, plump, and healthy! With key ingredients like saffron, turmer...
Mama, its not about pouring from an empty cup, but rather filling it up with love, self-care, and doing things that make you feel replenished. Send this to a mama you love! Sometimes its easy to forget ourselves being a mom and all the duties that come with it. A caretaker, nurturer, therapist, t...
Its safe to say if you dont see me for a while on here, that may be it Im jk, but lets talk about that first trimester!The first trimester is so trying! Last time, I was super sick all the time, this time, still sick but mostly in the mornings. My symptoms were extreme nausea, vomiting, very low...
This is where Ive been all summer baby #2 loadingParty of 4! #baby2 #secondpregnancy #familyoffour #pregnancyannouncement #pregnancy #familyblogger #mommyhood #parenthood #21weekspregnant
Life lately I havent created content in a while lately, as life has truly been busy! But, Im changing that up. 1. Grew out my hair, but now I need a new style. Really tempted this year to go copper. What yall think? I need a haircut too! Curly cut recommendations in the DMV are welcomed. 2. Havi...