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So many years in the making years of carrying around cameras Yeehawing across America, dodging angry geese, explaining why Im at the rodeo and fitting a horse into a hotel room regular film sh*t yknow? The culminative years of work leads to having its WORLD PREMIERE as an official selection...
Still love shooting and @w1nn1th is one of my favorite collaborators to work with. Excited to soon finish production for her film its been quite a journey but thats what makes filmmaking so exciting. I love indie film so much, one can really go far with low budgets as long as you h...
Stills from the short film that @its.bellatan & I dreamed up, and which somehow became a reality this year. Making Together Days was my first time working in film. Its based on a short story I published in 2020 and Im thankful Bella persisted for years to get me to turn this into my first screenp...
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So happy to announce the completion of my first short film in 6 years - nothing has brought me more joy and honor to return to my fatherland and restart my narrative directing career with friends both near and far that Ive made over these years.Its been a year since we embarked on this project w...
Reminiscing about some of my past favorite projects despite them being passion project budget challenges heres one of them that has a special place in my heart. The original artist this was planned for cancelled 12 hours before the shoot and we had to pivot and accommodate Taquirah a first time ...
One year older, one year wiser? We shall see. Finished off my 28th year completing the production of a short film weve been working on the last year its a huge deal for me. Havent directed a Narrative in so long, but getting to create a story in my hometown with my friend in Malaysia after 10 y...
Beyond thrilled. This project was shelved for years after we finished it in 2019 because of Covid. Either way, now that travel is fully open again. I am happy to be finally showing it to the world because it was one of my favorite projects to date. LINK IN PROFILE FOR THE VIMEO I had the most ama...
Miss Julia Fox for VOGUE When I tell you how blazing hot this day was, but made easier by Julias energy + my wonderful lil team as always @tommy____chan @_eileeny_ @thedemingway @le.frenchkissbakery @theonlymattjonesLed by @mirmade_productions @abbiejonez | James Pettigrew | @talaskegrams | @mcar...
My first NYFW as guest not crew was getting knocked over left and right by all the photographers and influencers but thank you Arden for letting me tag along I love u Noona cant wait to show yall all the photos we took of her looks this week
hi its been a while, been workin on conscious living still tryna find that balance between my new passionate hunger for directing +stubborn old flame for cinematography+struggling to stay soft in this world of hardI think Im getting a bit closer
couple stills from a concept proof I directed quite a while ago that Im revisiting now that Im a diver