Isabel Mariposa galactica

Hablando con colores, Luz y sombra 🐆 🦋 speaking with colors light and shadow. My art is real made by my hands , todo hecho con mis manos, #noaiart
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Mindful Momma
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I am everything.. its hard to swallow and see the dark aspects within our selves and even more to actually love them Ive been swinging as a pendulum between words lately Seeing how ; I am the virgin , the saint, purity and Light , divine Mother .. also I am the whore , the bitch, a dark monster,...
The astral earth cosmic landscape and current shifting transmissions are thick and wild, I imagine many of you are swimming through this golden star filled honey nectar with every ray of the rainbow and beyond pulsing through your heart and bones every cell we are in the most beautiful birthing ...
When we see beauty in everything even in the pain. Nature , which is what we are .reveals to us the ecstatic yet peaceful beauty in all stages of the infinite cycles of life, death, rebirth, cosmic, galactic, multi dimensional beauty This painting I finished just before the Solar eclipse after ou...
We move into the next chapter of these beautiful cycles with joy with pain with deep healing , through music vibration and heart songs. We cry hard and laugh even harder .. Spirit is asking us to connect, melt fears about being seen, find community , no one is out cast. We remember our oneness v...
How expanded can you be? Liberacin total here is another painting created for the coming oracle deck with @aubreymarcus and @alanabeale #visions #oracle #wisdom #visin #visionarypainting #amor #truth #isabelmariposagalactica #dragon #dragn #ayahuascaart #medicineplants #plantmedicine
Cuando los Cielos Besan a la Tierra .. When Heaven Kisses the Earth today the trickling spring water sang me hyms of black lava , black moon, songs where the infinite births of hollow bone cavernous heart spaces un to her so pristine , And I layed my angers, my worries , my judgements upon dead l...
Sweet 13 , I dont normally post a lot about my kids. My page is mostly my art and the journey of the creation But 13 needs to be honored in big ways! Uruguay born, Hawaii raised little mermaid fairy , I love you Viva!!!!!! 13 vueltas alrededor del Sol. La Viva cumpli 13!!!!!! Una mujercita ya t...
What feels are you getting with this one?Just finished , co creating for the upcoming oracle deck with @aubreymarcus and @alanabeale #artheals #visionaryart #aubreymarcuspodcast #visionessagradas #sacredvisions #isabelmariposagalactica
Happy Love day , gracias San Valentin por todas las bendiciones de amor , my chalice is filled with golden Light made of love fractals. Infinite gratitude for so much Amor! (Work in progress , trabajo en obra ) #amor #valentines day #diadesanvalentin #visionaryart #lovers #amores #isabelmaripos...
What feels do you get from this piece .I just finished , for upcoming oracle deck , with @aubreymarcus @alanabeale #anibus #angelsofdeath #ceremonialart #visionaryart #visions #datura #plantmedicine #isabelmariposagalactica
I want to grow , glow, love, heal, dance, sing, make offerings of color and light , create ceremonious intention in everything , manifest more beauty more art more medicine for the soul, here is another vision for upcoming deck in collaboration with @aubreymarcus and @alanabeale #growingwiser #...
Did you know that YOU are the breaker of ancestral patterns and wounds within your lineage?and this requires you to be centered in your POWERa woman who knows herselfTrusts her intuitionSays No, oftenAnd respects her bodys rhythmsYou just BEING in your truth- is a healthy example for your daughte...