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My favorite point and shoot film photo from Oahu.@alexstrohl and I spent 8 days filming a new episode of our YouTube series No One Sees in Hawaii and I cant wait to share it. It might be the best one yet.
Sometimes it happens, you forget the most important thing.This time I forgot my memory cards for my camera. Not great for an expensive photo flight over the most beautiful island in the world. Luckily, I also brought my cheap point and shoot film camera. The photos turned out better than I expect...
When we rolled up to the beach this day we heard the life guards over the loudspeaker If you dont have experience swimming in big waves then today is not your day to swimWhat they didnt know was we were swimming with the legend AMD aka @adventuremandan He saw the waves spitting off this rock and ...
A classic story of going up even though we were sure it would be cloudy. I even brought my sunglasses though Alex said he wasnt bringing his, no need right?At the top it was socked in, under a blanket so thick the trail was hard to see in places.We called it off at the top and just after we turne...
In the moment vs pre jump apprehension. Isla loves to jump cliffs, but like all of us she forgets she likes it when standing in the edge. She works through it and jumps, then wants to go right back up again.
Flying doors off above Hawaii is the most stunning place Ive ever had the good fortune to ride in a helicopter. The geography here is wild, both huge and compact. One moment you are out over the perfect blue ocean, the next eye to eye with several thousand feet of green jagged mountains. When you...
Watching this fisherman and his son on the reef at sunset I was curious what they were trying to catch. When I asked he smiled said anything I can eat for dinner. He introduced himself as Joe and he fishes here a couple of times a week while his boy plays in the waves. Idillic as it looks.I love ...
First few days in Hawaii have been all time. I dont think Ive been this relaxed in ever.A couple of snaps from the patio.
Im on the plane to one of my favorite places in the world to be with my favorite people.Its been nearly 17 years since Ive lived in Hawaii but it still has a magnetic draw. The locals, the weather and the feeling that there is always more magic to experience.
A forgotten photo from a few years ago of my favorite place to ride motorcycles. @forrestmankins and I were talking about this location and I said Ive seen it look like a fairytale. When I showed him this photo he and @etiennesurrette hyped me up so much I had to post it.Its a good reminder to sh...
Winter riding season ends this Sunday and Im leaving for month on Tuesday so I guess it really is the end of my snowboarding for the year.The whole quiver is in the gear loft and it looks so good up here. From left to right we have the Taka Split, the HPS Taka, and the HPS Louif Paradis. All of t...
The little treehouse on the river.Ive taken so many photos of it that I never share, when I built it I didnt know how much I would love to see it out our windows. In the summer people paddle by and stop to chat about it, always asking if its big enough to sleep in. The interior dimensions are sma...