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So today I trimmed my sons ends for the first time because it was needed (never needed previously/at that time) but his hair feels great and ends feels even greater (they had tuh gooo ). As you all may know, he cut his hair 4-6 months back , and now its all grown out! Which Im happy about because...
Its a new year, new YOU! So invest in YOU. ? Dm photo of desired look and color, thats it! Send any color youre seeking.Once this information has been sent to us, further instructions or information will be provided. . . Measurements are required (measuring chart will be pr...
I spy Wignificent Collection @niecynash1 ! So blessed to have client retention. Its one thing to be booked and busy but when youre booked and busy with the SAME clients, you know youre doing your job RIGHT ! #NewWig #WignificentCollection #Glueless #GluelessWig #ThatsMyFrennn #GoFrenn #Wcwigs
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Started from the bottom now were here
One of my veryyyy loyal customers @sexxy_lpn1 has been around since 2013, back when I was doing sewins installs. Ill NEVER forget the time she grabbed both my hands, r them then said, You have insured hands, continue to use them and walk in your gift because your hands are blessed, get them insur...
Yall congratulate my friend, my bestest girl @niecynash1 !!!! I am so proud and happy for you! You deserve this moment and more and it truly shows, like duh !!! Your light is the brightest so no matter what room you walk in, if its dark, you LIT SO POP THE Champagneeeee !!! Toast to you !!! Xoxo
How yall feel about this look? Should I post more of these styles?
What wigggggggggg girl !!!!
Teach yall daughters to love their self because mine gone know she all that So today was wash day. I gave her scalp a really good cleansing because she just came out of braids. But let me tell you guys I want to say about 2 months ago, I parted her hair using Jam, like most braiders like myself d...
The reason my nails never done because my friends worried about the wrong thangs .. I need nail tech friends Shop: @infamouspocahontas #GluelessWigs
$18 HD Lace closure 4 bundles of 18Body waveLeft side partNatural hairlineBaby hair Cut & Styled Bleach knots Glueless *Lace closure can be parted anywhere within lace closure area* Dm for purchase only