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Dangit, no LSFest for us @holleylsfest
We love banging gears and think a lot of our NV4500 we swapped into this truck but after driving the kids C10 with an automatic we realized how much MORE we would enjoy #GarfieldTheTruck if it were an auto SOOOO a @gearstarpro 700R4 is GOING IN! Were also adding power steering this truck is goi...
Emily and Aaron of @flyingsparksgarage are confirmed for LS Fest Texas! Which project do you think they'll bring?!______Did you get your tickets yet?______#Holley #HolleyEFI #LSswap #LSswaptheworld #LSFest #LS
It was a fun day being the rescue crew for my sweet cousin and her Mastercraft after she unknowingly put very watery gas in her boat after the gas cans sat in a thunderstorm last night! We launched our Malibu for the first time this season and threw them the keys so they could enjoy the lake whil...
Just wanted to float this photo by you #FlyingSparksGarage
What are yall gettin into this weekend?! This was last weekend, I have the poison ivy on my ankles to remind me #GarfieldTheTruck is such a good one. #FlyingSparksGarage #UtilityBodyGang
Its Car Care Awareness Month! @ImEmilyReeves shows us how to change the air filter!#PEAKSquad #CarCare #CarsofInstagram
NEW BOAT EPISODE IS LIVE!!! Which slide do ya think became a thumbnail!? You have no clue how many dang pictures we take to try for good thumbnails #StellarViewsCabinCruiser has a NEW TRANSOM, yall!!!! Woohooooooo!!!!!! #FlyingSparksGarage
I was a boat to tell you that weve learned a new skill in transom repair but then I cast that out and realized our channel is anchored in doing jobs weve never done so I think that ship sailed @adrianberryhill is trimming up the newest pocket yacht episode, cant wait for yall to sea it #FlyingD...
Is this what the kids do now? My face at .5 riding shotgun in #GarfieldTheTruck after a successful day working with @pilotreeves on #StellarViewsCabinCruiser episode coming soon to @flyingsparksgarage
It does feel cool Gawwwdang, I love this kid maybe Im biased! The newest episode shows The Kid REALLY coming into her I am an actual co-host and this is MY project era!!! So proud of her. thanks for these edits, @adrianberryhill #FlyingSparksGarage #DreamsicleC10
The Kid is putting more hours in on her truck in todays @flyingsparksgarage episode! Goes live at 10am CST! So much fun #FlyingSparksGarage #C10 #DreamsicleC10