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“..things that make you smile... what numbers to dial..”
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This year I caught feelings for myself
Making all my days count
Today a star was born, @czartharuler is really my favorite person. I be feeling like he is my son sometimes because I really cant be gone for long without him. Being in his life only made me want to have a baby soon come Gods willing lol. Happy birthday to my sweet stubborn Taurus baby! #birthda...
Happy birthday to my favorite person my sister @iammilanrouge Your hard work and dedication never go unnoticed, and Im so proud to see you continuously grow stronger each year. This year is going to be your absolute best, and I cant wait to witness all the amazing things coming your way! Love you...
S/O to the girls whos going after a new life. Just be patient with yourself and your journey.Remember that whatever is meant for you, wont miss you at all. heavy on believing in Gods plan & timing.
Calm lil fit
Been that ... still that
Its called balance
New Era Nu
NUBO: Discover the you Fitness journey for men and women. Active Wear: by @nubofitness Coming soon Trainer: @Rickmoney Go follow: @nubofitness
Welcome to Milano Dreamland, where adventure and dreams take flight!Here, happiness fills the air, and every jump knows no bounds.Where every dream is within reach. But most importantly, its where everyone pursues their passions in their own unique style.Embrace your dreams and stay grounded in y...
No excuses! My trainer @rambothefitrealtor_ mentioned that as an athlete, you dont get any days off even when youre injured.