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incredible shape, BUB
GO BUBS!Chicago BUBs shirts and emBUBroidered BUBaseball caps are now available in different styles and colors at the link in BUB's bio ( your favorite team and special needs pets while blocking the sun and looking amazing all at once.#gobubs #gocubs #lilbub #goodjobbub #g...
BUB after a bath, Spooky being creepy, circa 2017#lilbub #spookythecat #creepythecat #bubath #goodjobbub
Its hard to fathom a series of life events that could lead to the moment when you are about to get on stage at the Asbury Park Paramount Theater to perform and execute an unrehearsed live improvised talk show hosted by a 3.5 pound, 22-toed magical space cat interviewing Fred Armisen, Kelley Deal,...
On May 7th, 2024, BUB's dear friend Steve took an early and unexpected trip to outer space. Thankfully, he is very fond of space and very fond of BUB, so I'm sure they're either playing poker or preparing a fancy fish dinner in another galaxy far away.I first met Steve in 2002 as an intern at his...
finally watched star wars this year, so I no longer feel like a poser posting this#maythe4thbewithyou
How did you spend Be Kind to Animals Week? I spent it the same way I've spent every week - by being kind to animals!Join BUB in being kind animals every day by volunteering at your shelter, fostering a pet, or supporting Lil BUB's Big FUND for special needs pets atthe link in BUB's bio.#lilbub #g...
Enjoy BABY BUB enjoying life. #lilbub #lillilbub #babybub
Most scientists believe that today's Solar Eclipse is caused by the moon passing in front of the sun. But what most people on our planet don't realize is that it's not the moon casting today's outsized shadow - it's BUB's enormous Space Pod as she swoops by to say hello for the first time since h...
enjoy these photos of BUB looking like she's checking out the eclipse.
Sorry I haven't been posting much lately. After BUB's Memorial Event in February I had to take a break - It was a wonderful but exhausting and emotional affair, providing much-needed closure for our family, friends, and supporters. Thanks to all that attended in person or virtually - we were able...
Please help BUB help her space-brother Cucumber! Hes one of three siblings, each named after healthy vegetables, but this poor fellas liver slipped between his lungs right next to his heart, requiring an emergency life-saving surgery totaling over $5,000. Cucumber was rescued by, and is now unde...