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This was more like show and tell with song and dance than unpacking but whatever lol
Whatever my lot Itll be for the bestIn the end My reward isnt your opinion Give up the dream for the DreamerGive up the harvest for the Seeder It is well with my soul
Our baby girl is two. Seeing the present through your eyes makes our lives more rich and fulfilling in every way. I love watching you grow into everything you were made to be! Happiest birthday, Jonas Lovey! You are our heart personified. (Last pic is bday mood)
Ruin your feed a poem by me Do you ever just sit Eat a croissantWear denim on denim Eat a croissant? Tehehe I doI really like to Dont be so serious Eat a croissant dude Bye!
Its like we predicted it Rain fall and hurricane Stacked on top of gifting Like an erosion of time and space Nobody can touch The weapon of humility We forged our path Understanding sacrificeFor future gain Holy painSoon you will feel What weve known all along A holy rebellion Fashioned into song
just a lil happy studio girl
For the wild ones in waitingIts only a matter of time
Whens the last time you checked in on the story you tell yourself? You know the one where expectations werent met. The one that still vaults bitterness in its grip.The one youd like to hold onto for protection.What would happen if you let down your guard?What would happen if you retold the story?...
SPEAK - a poem by Holly WilsonKindness isnt weaknessSpeaking your mind in empathy Confidently humble You can be both and A struggle hardly breaks usWhat does is impatience Dont wait to be honestSuppression will depress you Feel your emotionThen let it fly into wind Take thoughts captive Dont allo...
Reminder to ruin your feed and insta isnt reaaaal also everyone has pores Ive also been up since 3:30am and havent slept yet so you do the math
Forever my galentine
Good things come to those who look around, ponder, and curiously smell the flowers. Perhaps control is a myth, and timing is only human The more intrigued we are by the mundane Says more about hope than anything; it is everywhere. Ill never be ashamed for spending an extra minute or year enjoying...