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Friendly reminder, theres a clock ticking that we cant see, so love whoever loves you and enjoy your life. Stop being afraid to put yourself out there. There is no experience that is ever wasted. Every single thing in your life has guided you to where you are. Everything is teaching you what you ...
Im going through so many curveballs right now all at the same time, being tested in more ways than one, but its crazy, I still feel the most relaxed I have ever felt in my adult life. Ive been calm about every roadblock thats thrown my way. Im proud of the way Ive been able to program my mind to ...
7 More Days Til Our Day Party Series Kicks off in New York Were so excited to be taking over @rosasatpark again - WE LOVE IT HERE SO MUCH We cant wait to bring together New Yorks finest ladies in a safe space to let loose & have fun.Theres just so much power when women come together and give each...
Theres just something so special that happens when all the girlssss get together for ALL THE GIRLSSS. What do I always say? WOMEN ARE SO POWERFUL WHEN WE UNITE AND TAKE OVER An honor to share the stage with the @sorrypapitour familia and put on for the ladies in our city! @miriampaz_91 & @kingine...
I dont take any moment for granted at all. Cant believe I have my own greenroom at @fillmorephilly One thing the @sorrypapitour team going to do, is show the hospitality - ALWAYS! Third year in a row working with them, and grateful every single time. Crazy that the first year I was a host and no...
Ive expressed before how I never really got properly courted and that was something I wanted to experience. @stylesbyjdc took it upon himself wanting to give me the courting experience for a little ol birthday dinner. He literally told me to dress sexy, picked me up and had a bouquet of roses, gi...
Ladiesssss !! Are you ready for a VERY @jefatona summer?! Ladies only Reggaeton & Caribbean party experience is taking over Philly, New York & DC! Tickets for the first part of our day party series are now live! Were giving you rooftop parties, pool parties, brunch parties and just overall - ALL ...
I really be trying to give sexy / mysterious but Ive learned to accept my clown self. Can a smile be considered sexy & seductive? I give it to ya IG baddies who can GIVE it effortlessly all the damn time But look, Ive learned to embrace my loudness & clowness. I may not be able to master a smize ...
Tomorrow, a new @jefatona podcast episode drops with my favorite impacter - @cass_andthecity Cass, thank you for allowing yourself the opportunity to open up and get vulnerable with me. I dont take it for granted at all. Seeing your growth, not just professionally but also personally, has been b...
When you focus on you. Pour love into you. Validate your own self. You begin to remind your pretty little self of your magic. The more you do this, I promise, your outer world will reflect all of it back to you. When you love you, genuinely & wholeheartedly, the whole world will love you too. You...
Heres to all of the girlies genuinely working on making sure they reach their full potential. Theres a woman we plan to be. Your road wont be easy but it will be glorious.Honor that youre still learning & growing, failing & resetting, hitting & missing. Regardless, KEEP IT GOING until you become ...
Unconditional love from friends makes me want to sob because what do you mean you have made the choice to literally love me no matter what every single day Remember, energy is currency. Dont spend it on people that drain you. Spend it on people that elevate you.Use your energy wisely.