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NOBODY does it better than you. Thank you for providing us with a life that everybody would only dream of. Dris and I live to celebrate you everyday. Alhamdulillah for YOU! Happy Fathers Day, Abah!
Arabyrd's Adventure in Sabah Continues! Join Arabyrd on her journey through Sabah as she explores the intricate art of Tenunan Mugah and meets the brilliant artisans behind these stunning textiles. Don't miss her discoveries and insights on The Cloth Story Season 2! The Cloth Story Season 2 Ep 10...
Arabyrd's Sabah Adventure Continues! Join @iamarabyrd as she embarks on an exciting journey to uncover the art of Sabah Batik! Discover the intricate process and meet the talented artisans behind these stunning textiles. Don't miss out on her amazing discoveries on The Cloth Story Season 2! The C...
Join @iamarabyrd on an exclusive journey to Sabah, where she unveils the intricate art of Batik Linangkit and introduces the brilliant artisans behind this stunning textile. Don't miss her discoveries on The Cloth Story, Season 2! The Cloth Story Season 2 Ep 8 Every Wednesday | 10:30PM TVS Chann...
A day right after confinement, I jumped on a van and traveled down all the way to West Kalimantan to shoot #TheClothStory. Mind you, I also had a c-sect. Do my son a favour and watch an episode tonight or on any other Wednesday to prove that Mami didnt sacrifice everything for nothing
Dont know what Id do without a mic. Emceeing for PEKEMA was fun. Keep em comin
Kompromi Ibu Muda: Some lightwork on my first Mothers Day for the first ep of Anggun. Loved our topic today and wish we had an extra 45 minutes! Good luck to the team and thank you for producing a show where us wimmin can flex knowing damn well everyones watching Thank you for having me And I ca...
Makeup&Hairdo For Guest Artist @iamarabyrd New Program ANGGUN Setiap Ahad Jam 11:15am Hanya D Chl 122 Astro,Mytv @tvs__entertainment
New moms can relate? Saksikan siaran ulangan Anggun di YouTube TVS Entertainment sekarang! #TVS122 #TVSEntertainment #Anggun
Just dont
My hobbies include surrounding myself with greatness Thank you @womenleadershipfoundation & @prodigymusiccentre for having me as moderator. See you in Spetember? #WomenLeadershipFoundation
Quick update! Catch @iamarabyrd tonight on TikTok Live TVS Entertainment with our host, Haleyson @hlysnrlnd ! #TVSEntertainment #TheClothStory