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For the Intermediate Survival Skills Class calories are regulated. To earn food tasks need to be completed. For Day 2 evening meal, participants are required to construct and set a figure 4 dead fall. The purpose of this is to enhance knife skills and induce a small amount of stress. If you don'...
Day 3 of the Intermediate Survival Skills Class starts as most days do with me running my pie-hole. In the morning we discuss PSKs . Participants then put together their own PSK. Once they have them made, they get to try them out on the last exercise for the class. They are separated and told to ...
Split wood fire, 3 times the prep, and natural tinder were the standards for the firecraft lesson on day 2 of the Intermediate Survival Skills Class. Participants learn about wood selection, knife use, and principals of making fire in adverse conditions.
I had the opportunity to use a frying pan made by @shawn88tactical to do a pan biscuit demo. We also showed participants how to make twist bread . Both cane out well.
In the Intermediate Survival Skills Class participants are required to set up a Mors Kochanski inspired Super Shelter with only 10ft of 550 cord. Both lashes and Canadian Jam knots are used for all the poles. Buttons and inner core secured the mylar space blanket and clear plastic.
If you have been waiting for a warmer weather class here it is. Basic Survival Skills is scheduled for April 23&24 at 88 Tactical in Tekamah NE. With the warmer weather and more daylight we should be able to expand our curriculum to include an Edible Plant section. We will still be covering all o...
Improvising gear is a long standing tradition at Survival Schools far and wide. Last weekends class was no different. Sewing, braiding, lashing, and creative thinking were all used to make gear that was needed. Every participant made a Foraging Bag, which was later used as a PSK container. Fro...
Before participants get to camp there is always prep. I like to demo a long fire using split wood since they will be practicing it during the class. They will be using the long fire in front of their Super Shelters on day 2 and 3.When the Temps are single digits it is not hard to stress the impor...
During our Intermediate Survival Skills Class, we do a PSK lesson and exercise. I wear my Hill People Gear Kit Bag every day all day for this class. I use a lot of the gear in it for teaching. This is used in conjunction with the kit I have in my canteen carrier. In no particular order......SIG...
Lessons are done for day 2 of our Intermediate Survival Skills Class. Shelters are built, wood has been cut, and darkness is setting in. The participants are doing great. Temperatures were in the teens and low 20s during the day with a 1 start this morning. After a 12hr day and minimal sleep t...
Hasty shelters are on the schedule for tonight. Should be in the single digits, a good time will be had by all!!
Getting geared up for this weekends Intermediate Survival Skills Class at 88 Tactical. Weather looks OK for this class. I would rather there was snow on the ground, but it is what it is. Should get a lot of good pictures.