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Cherry 12s full reglue. I couldve fixed the laces for the after pics but i was in a rush. I cant wait for these to rerelease Ive been waiting for years. But like i said Im still around
Being good at your craft is being able to adapt to any challenge. Not just clean some shoes
This is gonna be a good one
Brand new protection pack NB size 9 for sale. $200 each or $215 shipped. Serious inquiries only please dont waste my time
Just getting back in the swing of things. Toe cap reglue on some Space jamsPlease ignore my workshop floor. I never clean it until Im done working
Customer wasnt really feeling the aged midsole. I personally like the reimagined look but this look is pretty clean. Wish my my 88 pair was still this clean
Spilled paint on your @telfarglobal bag? No problem. The color match was a little tough and i felt like i kept missing spots in the threading but i got it done
I love how much yall wear your 1s because they always make the best content lol Ps: Hopefully this one gets me out the hood
This ones a little long but Ill probably upload some pics separately for the ppl with adhd that cant do use through the whole video lol. This one was pretty crazy but i got it done and im proud of the results
After close to 10 years in this game i dont get too many first anymore but surprisingly this was my first attempt at fixing a tear in a pair of 350s. I think i did a pretty good job but i can definitely improve my technique. Ill get it right sooner or later
Cant stop wont stop
Dont worry i havent fallen off yet i just work too hard so posting EVERYDAY is almost impossible but were here hope you guys enjoy