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Just a lil flower boi #dogsofinstagram #dogoftheday #australianshepherd
My model is always falling asleep on the job #dogsofinstagram #dogoftheday #australianshepherd #shotoncanon #aussiesofinstagram
This is my Sunday Scaries face
I dont know how many mornings Ill get to wake up to this sweet face so Im going to enjoy each and every one of them
Whenever, wherever - were meant to be together [ad]Whether were out on the trails or snuggled up next to a fire, @llbean has found a way to keep me cozy all spring! I almost always get sick during this time of year because the temperatures fluctuate up and down so quickly, but my layers from @llb...
Forever finding park benches to look moody on Swipe to see some of our other bench photos from around NYC over the years! Which ones your fav?#dogsofinstagram #dogoftheday #australianshepherd #dogsofnyc #newyorkcity #shotoncanon
Our happy place is together @house.of.koda#dogsofinstagram #dogoftheday #australianshepherd #heartdog
Someone asked me the other day if Koda sheds at all since they were thinking of getting an Australian Shepherd I definitely shattered some dreams there with my answer For anyone still wondering, the answer is nonstop.#dogsofinstagram #dogoftheday #weeklyfluff #australianshepherd
A compilation of Koda hugs from this spring [ad]Some of my favorite items from the @llbean spring collection that Ive been wearing on repeat!- Beans sherpa fleece pullover- Cresta GORE-TEX hiking boots- BeanFlex utility jacket- Cloud gauze shirt- Everyday performance 7/8 leggings- Eco bay full-g...
His motivation for food really makes him the best model #dogsofinstagram #dogoftheday #weeklyfluff #australianshepherd #aussiesofinstagram #teamcanon
That Sunday into Monday feeling Whatd you all get up to this weekend?#dogsofinstagram #dogoftheday #weeklyfluff #australianshepherd #aussiesofinstagram
Brooklyn Koda#dogsofbrooklyn #dogsofinstagram #australianshepherd #dogsofnyc