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Picked up the raddest #80s #LAGear denim jacket today. Not sure how luck was on my side that it was cheap, a size small, and local to me. I haven't been finding many good thrifting scores lately, so this was a great #vintage find! I had a really cool pair of light-up LA Gear shoes when I was a ki...
Tis the season to be spooky! I've been haunting the workshop and conjured up these sweet ornaments for my work fam. Each one is created from laser-cut basswood and acrylic paint, ready to add a subtle dash of The Homicidal Homemaker to their tree. Are you ready to deck your crypt with boughs of ...
Today marks my 39th birthday. Here's a pic from my fourth birthday. The random dresser abandoned on the porch is a nice touch. Fun story: my parents were at a carnival, and a fortune teller told them that if she gave them a dollar, she would guess their baby's name. My dad handed her a dollar. Sh...
I was amazed (and a bit spooked!) when I received this mailer with a stained glass depiction of Valak, the demonic entity from The Nun II, just in time for Halloween. The level of detail on the stained glass is absolutely stunning. It undoubtedly will add to my home's haunting vibe on All Hallows...
Hungry for braaaaaains? Love macaroni & cheese? Well, I have the perfect Halloween recipe for you! Super gooey macaroni and cheese gets a morbid makeover just in time for #Halloween, thanks to@nordicwareusa's #BrainCakeletPan.These single-serveBaked Macaroni and Cheese Brainsare the perfect finge...
Drop a in the comments if you LOVE quesadillas, too!I LOVE my #Halloween waffle makers from @bydash, and decided to try using my mini #spiderweb one to cook up some mini #cheesequesadillas. I had some zero carb tortillas from @guerrerotortillas and they were the perfect size!These make a really ...
IF YOU SEE THIS POST, I'D APPRECIATE IF YOU'D LEAVE A COMMENT! Instagram has made it nearly impossible for my content to be seen, which makes it really, really unmotivating to create new content. I want to create things to inspire people, but it's so frustrating to create tutorials or videos t...
It's another spooky Saturday around here! I got the girls dressed up in their spooky scarves and went out for a coffee.I already had tried the #Munchkins, but this is my first #pumpkinspice beverage of the season from @dunkin.This is their new #IceSpiceMunchkinsDrink, inspired by @icespice. It's...
When you have a ton of huge windows like we do in our mid-century home, #vintagestyle #halloweendiecuts are a really easy and inexpensive way to dress them up. I use reproduction die-cuts from @beistleco because I don't want the sun to fade any of my vintage pieces. I attach mine to the windows ...
I'm ready for fall, so I baked up these GIANT marshmallow-st #pumpkin #butterbeer #cookies with cream cheese flavored chips and a hazelnut streusel topping. They weighed 7.5-ounces after they were baked! I'm hoping to perfect a few things before posting the recipe on my Patreon/subscribers feed....
Absolutely gutted. #PeeweeHerman hands-down is one of my biggest lifelong creative influences. RIP #PaulReubens. I am so devastated I never got the opportunity to meet you.
#CodeOrange #Halloween decor spotted at @joann_stores! Not much out yet, but it warms my Halloween-loving heart to see decorations out so early! No baking stuff yet, but I'll keep checking back.Have you made any Halloween purchases from #joannfabrics yet?#joann #joannstores #joannhalloween #hall...