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A doer dreamer building an off grid homestead from scratch in VT
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Ella got to see her room in 95% finished state tonight! The good news about the way we applied the lime plaster is that we used the trim and baseboard as a stop for the trowel. So unlike many hand built houses (iykyk), the room is completely trimmed out!#hhhousebuild #handbuilthome #offgridhome #...
After many weeks of prep, we have finally started plastering the upstairs walls with a homemade lime plaster mix. The prep involved taping and sealing the drywall joints with Durabond, then coating every surface with a sand primer made from Elmers glue, water, and sand.Now we mix the lime plaster...
Its rare and wonderful for our town ponds to be frozen solid, with no snow. Such fun skating!#vermontwinter
The year in house building progress! It is less dramatic than framing, for sure, but 2024 WILL be the year we move in! #hhhousebuild #handbuilthome #offgridliving #offgridhomestead
The story of these black walnut sills began over a decade ago when a neighbor (in Oregon) invited us to take the wood from a tree he had cut. Brian had it milled locally and the boards sat in piles waiting for the perfect project. A few years later we moved across the country to Missouri, re-pile...
One of my favorite root crops to store for winter is the purple daikon. They are not too spicy, have amazing crunch, are easy to grow, and last for months! These are KN-Bravo from @johnnys_seeds and they are my go-to. Check out the size of these! Find my favorite 70+ storage crop varieties for ro...
Insulating the attic space with cellulose. Quite a fun and messy process but we will be so warm! #hhhousebuild #handbuilthome #offgridhome
Its Elderberry season! These juicy berries can be messy to harvest and process but this super easy method is purple-finger-free! #homesteadhoney #hhgarden2023 #elderberry #harvest #homesteadlife #homestead
Its been a long time since Ive posted a house update. Anyone whos built a house will know that even though the house looked like a house 9 months ago, the framing is only the tip of the iceberg!!Current fun includes:1) 2) and 4) siding with locally milled cedar and porches (we will have three - o...
The first snowstorm of the season and winter break from work/school are good reasons to quiet life down and enjoy the dark. Happy solstice and holidays to all and see you in the new year! #vermontlife #vermontwinter #yurtlife #yurtliving
A few more windows to go, a bit more house wrap, and a lot of insulation and then we shift attention to the interior of the house.Heading into year 3 of yurt living (and looking longingly at the house each day), its easy to get overwhelmed by the work ahead of us. The excitement is still palpable...
While I do love quick-growing spring radishes, some of my favorite winter storage crops are what are known as winter radishes. Winter radishes are harvested in the fall or winter and typically have a thicker skin and a watery crunch. They do well in cool storage and provide some lovely crunch whe...