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Favorite little easy treat with health benefits! #ad If you didnt know, @healthade just came out with prebiotic sodas @sunsipbyhealthade ! Ive been trying all of the flavors and I have to say my favorite so far is the strawberry vanilla! I have always loved making an herbal infusion ( a strong te...
PISTACHIO ROSE MOCHI DONUTSWhen I tell you I cannot get enough of this flavor combo!!! I also love mochi donuts because they are naturally GF and so easy to make!We used to have the best mochi donut place here in Denver and it was devastating when they closed, but I guess that means I just have t...
Its officially spritz season and Im loving this Raspberry Revive SpritzMocktail that uses mood boosting herbs to revive your spirit! #apothkarypartner This one is refreshing, hydrating, high in vitamin C, and I used one of my all time favorite mood boosting herbal tinctures as well! I used the ro...
Some recent favs plus my first time trying rollers Comment RECIPES and Ill send you the links to each of these!
Strawberries Cashew Milkfor a Strawberries & Cream Matcha LatteInspired by @kalejunkie recipe for strawberry cashew milk! Comment MILK and Ill send you all of the instructions!
NA PASSIONFRUIT DAQUIRIaka your new favorite summer sipper. Its got 20 grams of collagen protein per serving, mood boosting herbs, healthy fats, and truly tastes like summer in a glass. I am a huge fan of passionfruit and have become obsessed with these passionfruit cubes. Buying passionfruit in ...
Celebrating Mother Earth today with this Earth Day Smoothie with 30+ grams of protein! Yall know I love to add in natural food colors to my food to make it gorgeous and add additional benefits, so I had to make this earth smoothie! These colors are thanks to ceremonial grade matcha and blue spiru...
Herbal Lemonade for spring liver and allergy support! Weve got tons of vitamin C in this drink and adaptogenic mushrooms.Lets talk about the soma elixir. It contains 7 mushrooms as well as schisandra for its high vitamin C content. This allows the medicinal properties of the mushrooms to be bette...
Smash or pass? Im obsessed with colorful food, but I also know that means its good for your hormones; so its a win win. Having a diet full of colorful fruits and veggies is a good sign youre getting a good variety of vitamins and minerals, so I love to try to see how many colors I can get in a me...
Lavender Cream Matcha Latte dupe with 0 grams sugar, 20 grams protein, real lavender, and ceremonial grade matcha starbys could never. The OG version has 33 grams of sugar, no protein, and has a lot of artificial crap in it, BOO. So we had to make a better for you version, that is also less than ...
Hydrating + Mineral Rich Raspberry Lemonade Spring Tonic Made in #partnership with @goultima because they have been my OG go-to electrolyte for ~10 years and are what got my dad to stop drinking a certain sports drink that is loaded with sugar.@goultima has zero sugar, carbs, and calories while c...
Dried Blood Orange Garnishes for a Blood Orange Margarita Mocktail! Comment ORANGE and Ill send you the recipe for the mocktail! For our garnish, it really is as simple as thinly slicing your citrus. I like mine about 1/4 inch or slightly smaller. A mandolin is going to make this so much easier! ...