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Handmade by kodifujii in Nevada City CA

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Just listed a few things that have been sitting around waiting to get finished. All freshly dyed and bamboo yums! On E+s or DM me to use other platforms.
I had a chunk of white items I didnt have time to dye before the holiday crazies. So now you get a little collection of super colorful things. Its a smaller collection of odds and ends but some gems, no doubt! Please DM me to skip Etssy if you want. Link in bbiioo. Also tell mw your favorite co...
I hope you all st your bellies and took some naps this week. I have been so busy I forgot to plan for all the post-turkey festivities, but here we are! Small Biz. Sat. now thru Sunday, I have automatic diiscounts on everything in my Etssy including some brand new pants. I must be crazy. And I re...
6 yrs. ago. So glad to have gone thru that initiation of cutting all my hair off. Love the clothes and baldy throwback popping up in memories.. The last 6 years have been full of complete trust in my path, growth and learning. So glad Im where I am now. Hair to the booty. Time for a cleansing tri...
I always forget to make actual posts, so heres one for the memories. We vended Celtic Festival here in Grass Valley. Idk how I have never been but it was very wonderful. Will be doing it again for sure. I never posted these dresses I made with black, super heavy, bamboo fleece. Should I make mo...
Tried my hand at ASMR, harness style. Dropping a small collection of harnesses and some of my staple top styles in black and a few hoodies today at 5pm pst.
Its been 6 or 7 months since I started the seeds. I planted you, fed you and watered you since you were a baby. Yesterday I sat with you, prayed with you and harvested you. You will continue spreading joy and sharing your medicine. You carry the energy of uplifting days of Summer. Your cooling, ...
UPDATE, most items Sold::: Whats still available:::: S & L floral fringe topS mesh polka dot Stevie dress. high-waist shorts. M teacup dress w/o rufflesMy shop is back up. Friday is last day to order and receive in time for #BurningMan ! This video is some odds and ends that never got photograp...
Mesh and lace dresses are up and live! Im so grateful you all just support me no matter what I make. I know Im all over the place but its hard to pick just one thing. These are some of my favorite things to create! I know some of you are gonna be romping around the playa feeling all ethereal and...
So excited to drop some dresses and cuties in time for #BurningMan Dropping Monday @5pm pst.
Did not plan this outfit but dang she cute. Top, skirt and swim-able bralette all available Thurs. @5 pm pst.
Had to post these pics of this stunner @randeelace__ rocking one of my harnesses. So excited to drop a new collection next month! As always amazing pics by @luckydrivephotos . She nails it every time! pants by @catonineclothing