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Founder of Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy My PASSION is teaching about boosting your confidence with crystals reliably and effectively
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Goodbye Instagram This is my last post here.(So please dont be fooled by the FAKES out there pretending to be me. Just report and block).As you probably already know, my intuition, signs, and messages from the crystals have shown me a different path that I now need to take. I know I was put here ...
whats in store for you in 2023? 2022 has been on helluva rideright?Heres whats on my agenda:getting my house back to livable after hurricane Ianmore physical movement more spiritual spaciousnesstelescopes + stargazingvolunteering RVing And this list isnt complete! Check your inbox today for more...
Its a celebration! Weve reached OVER 3000 graduates of the Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Practitioner course! Across 62 countries on Planet too! This has been an important personal milestone of mine as well as an important objective of ours at HMCA, and we want to shout it from the rooftops!...
Blessed Solstice Crystal Fam! #doterra #essentialoils Are you creating a nanta bag with me today? I'm sharing all the details in my newsletter.My fav ingredients for solstice arecomfrey:whole cinnamon stickmistletoewhole clovesFrankincense and/or MyrrhGarnetClear Quartzall wrapped up in green cl...
How do crystals work? This was one of the top 5 blogs from this year! Have you read it? Heres a clip - check out the full post to dive deep (live link in stories + profile)#crystalhealing #crystalswork #energywork #scienceofcrystals #chakrahealing #lightworkersunite
We voted in stories yesterday!Just for the fun of it - which of the top 5 blogs from 2022 was YOUR a favorite and the winner was.The Science Behind Crystal Chakra HealingCrystal chakra healing is a powerful way that you can work with your crystals! If you havent read it geek out with us here: ...
It's that time of year... when we take a closer look at our top 5 most popular blog posts of the year! Take a look through the images for the big reveal and then head here to get the scoop! (linked in bio too)Which was your favorite?
What would you do with this unbelievable elestial? Let me know @lisad.omshakti #denvergemshow
Some sparkling beauties on this Happy Friday! which ones your favorite??
Does a pesky cold have you down?My usual go to stones for crystalline support with colds are:C A R N E L I A Nboosts life-force energy, strengthens the immune system, boosts vitality & fortifies the physical bodyandA V E N T U R I N E general health + vitality enhancerGet all the tips on how to ...
What is your favorite crystal to work with during this season?Mine has always been Almandine Garnet. It helps me with:focusing on going withinreorganizing my energy entraining with the vibrational frequencies of mama Earth this time of year (in the northern hemisphere)This photo does NOT do it j...
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