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Chewie loves to play and is still obsessed over his orange toy. BUT he will not play tug of war with Little brother. I repeat, refuses to tug on at the other end. He will usually just drop it for little brother to have and slowly walk away to cuddle with a parent. clearly little brother wants to...
Who else went from being dog parents to being parents to a little human ? Im sure you can relate. It is not easy. And its the truth. Dog mom guilt is real and it hurts. One day I was just playing with and cuddling my little fluff ball, and the next day I had to care for an actual baby that requir...
Chewie is actually the biggest baby of them all. Our lives didnt change with baby brother. It just got more loud, more busy and more fulfilling. Chewie is still our baby and our 1st kid. He is the good one while our second kid is a while child. He is a different breed.
I miss the good old days when we use to be so carefree and just travel with Chewie. Lately, the idea of having to pack what seems like our whole house just to go away for the weekend just doesnt sound pleasant. at least not to us. So what they say is true. Travel as much as you can, while you ca...
Tag a friend to let them know how awesome they are. Im tagging my little brother @hi_im_damian
I got a little brother, so you dont have to. if sleep isnt important to you, then I highly recommend it. If you want someone to always want to be near you and touch you then yes, a little brother is for you. If you want someone that eats all the time, but doesnt share with you then youre the perf...
If I cant have a #dog that is this needy in life, then I dont want it. I didnt know what we were signing up for when we first met. But Im so glad we figured it out. Because youre the best thing that happened to us. You prepared us for parenthood. You needed up and depended on us so we could grow...
Chewie still goes everywhere with us. His life hasnt changed, our lifestyle is just a little different now with a baby. We dont go out often as we use to (because we live in a state where its 105 during the summer, heat stroke is a thing and he just prefers to be at home in the blasting AC). If h...
Chewie has and will always take nap time very seriously! between watching @msrachelforlittles and little brother babbling all day long, this is how Chewie likes to nap and keep his sanity. #funny #relatable #sleep #headphones #lifehappens
Sometimes, life is so unfair. Like how are you gonna tease me like that? I can see it, I can smell it, I can practically taste it. Just give it to me already. anyone else have cruel parents like mines? #doglover #funny #icecreamaddict
When life gives you iced water, you drink it and stay hydrated. they say that cold water isnt good for dogs, but I wouldnt have it any other way. #dog #doglife #dogmom #funny #summer #vibe #weekend
Who else has a foodie monster that flicks food all over the floor ? I gave this little guy and somehow he manages to get food everywhere at every meal. If he likes something enough, he will actually go around to cleaning his own mess. If he is blah about his meal, he would walk away leaving it a ...