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All interactions are still strictly monitored. Theyre both still learning and were so proud of them both for being so good around each other. Weve heard of so many sad stories where the baby would jump on the dog out of pure innocent excitement and the dog would response with an aggressive attack...
Good news, Chewie got a summer job. How, I dont even know given that he cant even swim.
Just when Chewie thought we were out of the woods with e sleepless nights and long days here we go again. upgrading from a family of 4 to a family of 5.
Correct me if Im wrong road-trips are made for napping right?
It is definitely not what you think kids love dogs! No doubt they just want to squeeze them and hold them. And someone we as parents will give in to that innocent request. But it is important to remember that dogs are family members too. They are not a toy for your kids to play with! Damian is s...
These two spend every waking moment right next to each other. For anyone wondering, I tried to move chewie so that Damians feet wouldnt be in his face, but he just refuses to. Hahaha he actually likes it and you can tell Damian isnt kicking him or hurting him in anyway. Im also right there to in...
No better feeling than when your first born gets along with your furbaby. its fun and easy being a boy mom, but Im always paranoid that they two are up to no good!
You might this is cruel, but its all about perspective and how you look at the situation. the boys are very respectful of each others space. no one is hurt or being mean in this house. Just 2 brothers learning to share their space and their mom.
Its not easy to be a good mom to both your first fur kid and your first human kid. It sounds weird and some might think this is crazy. But when you truly open up and love a dog as if they were your own, having a child of your own puts this major guilt on you like one is being replaced. now that ...
There is no way to eat a sweet potato in this house without sharing with Chewie. He just had a bowl for breakfast. But when he saw Little Brother eating some for todays snack, he insist on finishing what Damian doesnt finish. I mean, how can you not give him some?
Chewie LOVES being around Damian. And Damian LOVES to give Chewie hugs. still a mom that never leave these two unsupervised. Its the kid that I dont trust. I know that Chewie would never hurt a fly. But Damian, he can get a little too excited and go in for a tight squeeze.
Life lately, just keeping busy and living life with my family. Not everyone wants to see and cares for little brothers content. And thats okay. But sharing my life also means sharing his because hes a HUGE part of our lives now. thanks to those love and support him as much as you have loved and ...