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After many years of serving clients alllll across the beauty industry, fashion industry, and beyond, we are excited to announce not a new chapter, but a more refined chapter. Our passion for med spas and aesthetic services has truly taken center stage. With years of experience under our belt and ...
29 Ive had such a weird relationship with social media and content creation over the last couple years. I have been working so hard behind the scenes that Ive had no desire to create content or stay consistent on social media. Its like I have limited creative energy so I have to be intentional wi...
Cheers to a weekend celebrating LOVE the college roommate versions of us are screaaaming congratulations @oliviiaamo & @rmoscar
Hiiii to all my new friends and followers! An introduction is way overdue. I'm Brynn, Founder / CEO of Edge Creative I'm beyond GRATEFUL to be able to look back and see how much my little hobby has grown over the years. Liiike when I was a kid, I used to create fun little videos with my friends o...
happy birthday to the love of my life my biggest supporter, favorite adventure buddy, & best friend in the whole universe. my boo for life. I LOVE YOUUUUU @brandonland
Yesterday I turned 28 If Im being honest, 27 was rough. I experienced more anxiety than ever before, more imposter syndrome than ever before, didnt reach all my goals, & through whatever mask you see on social media or in person, I have not been feeling like myself for a while. Yesterday I ugly c...
My valentine, best friend, & partner in crime with you, I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. Thank you for supporting my wild & spontaneous ideas, patiently putting up with my attitude, never letting me touch a door handle, & most of all, showing me what unconditional love looks like and...
Im back did you miss me? Been working in silence over here so excited for 2023. But first out with the old. Releasing old habits & subconscious beliefs to make room for new ones that are mandatory in order to reach my goals. Here are some of the things Im leaving behind in 2022:the words try an...
At any given moment, your life is full of choices.Your choices from yesterday resulted in your life today, and your choices today impact your life tomorrow.The problem is, too many people get stuck in the cycle of just going through the motions. Day after day, going through your routine, living o...
Would you rather do 20 $500 projects, or 2 $5000 projects? If youre saying yes to every single project that walks through your doors, I want to congratulate you for being opportunistic. Youve gotten yourself to where you are today by saying yes but youve likely gotten to a point where youre burnt...
How to create predictable income in your biz (PART 2) sorry yall, the first part of my live got deleted when I had to start it overobvi Im still figuring out this whole IG Live thang But theres lotssss of juicy goodness still in here Creating predictable income in your biz gets you OUT of surviv...