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I take care of her she takes care of me. Everybody wins Drop a if you agree ...#LifePartnerGang #iDadDifferent #marriedlife #marriagegoals #marriedwithkids #intentionalliving #intentionalmarriage #blacklove #loversandfriends #cutecouplesgoals #couplevideos #marriagetips #marriagetime
Can a brotha get a hot meal?! . Thats all I want! Yall remember this one?! SHARE if it made you laugh!#iDadDifferent #lifepartnergang #marriagehumor #funnyvideos #funnycouples #marriagegoals #funnymoms #funnydads #marriedwithkids #dadinfluencer #dadsbelike #dadlife #mombloggers #dadblogger
You couldnt pull out of a parking lot but our lives are richer for it! James, thank you for making me a mother and for never making walk this road this alone. The way you show up for and love on our children is worth celebrating every day. We love and appreciate you more than words can express. H...
You cant tell Mil that she dont be getting it when her girl Gracie comes on! Anybody else be jamming to that Gracies Corner?! SHARE if this made you smile! ..#iDadDifferent #lifepartnergang #babyhumor #dancingbaby #marriedwithkids #parenthood #fatherhood #dadinfluencer #dadblogger #momblogger #bl...
Yall pray for all parents this summer break. We gon need it When these jokers going back to school?! SHARE if you can relate! ..#iDadDifferent #lifepartnergang #dadlife #girldad #marriedwithkids #fatherhood #parenthumor #familygoals #family #familytime #summerbreak #parentingfun #intentionalpare...
Gotta love these Gen Z kids Anyone else raising a bunch of unruly Gen Zers?! SHARE if you can relate! #iDadDifferent #LifePartnerGang #parenthumor #parentinghumor #familyhumor #funnymom #funnydad #genz #genzhumor #millennialparenting
Our baby boy is heading to Kindergarten! Can yall see how he went from baby face to big boy? Time is such theif. It feels like he was just running around the house in diapers a few months ago and now hes graduating from preschool. Congratulations Lukey, we love youuuuu!
As I just finished making dinner for a family of 7, I couldnt help but think about this reel. Babe can I get a break plz?! Anyone else got a spouse allergic to the kitchen like mine?!...#iDadDifferent #LifePartnerGang #marriagehumor #marriagegoals #funnyvideos #funnycouples #hilariousvideos #marr...
We have five kids in our house and Im still amazed at how a babies brain works at such a young age. Tina taught Luke to sign when he was a baby, so we decided to do the same with Mil and its really helpful when she wants to tell us what she needs/wants. Have you tried teaching your baby how to si...
Luke said, ummm this feels like a trap. He needed some new play shoes and hes been my kid all his life, so I know better. If he cant run in the shoes he isnt gonna wear them! PS. It was not his first day of preschool, it actually his final week.
Getting bit by mosquitoes is no fun for anyone. Thats why @ZevoInsect On-Body for Mosquito + Tick Aerosol Spray is a must have for my fellow soccer mamas. Zevo On-Bodys odorless and non-sticky formula provides up to 8 hours of protection from both mosquitoes and ticks.As the official bug spray of...
Little Miss Have Her Cake & Eat It Too Mila Grace was all in on her cake smash. Still cant believe its been a whole year of loving on our gorgeous girl. Her bday was last month but the pix are too cute not to share. We really shouldve named her Dreamy because these eyes have had us in a trance si...