Emil "HeatoN" Christensen

Emil Christensen 8 times World Champion in CS ESPORTS Hall of fame 2016
Esports awards lifetime achievement 2022
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Behver du lite extra energi? En julklapp till din partner? Eller kompis? Eller rentav en julklapp till dig sjlv? D r detta den perfekta giveawayn fr dig!Tillsammans med vrldens bsta sidekick GP Batteries s anordnar vi tillsammans nu en giveaway dr totalt tre vinnare vinner valfri 10000/20000 mAh ...
Heaton 5k 22 years ago seems like yesterday!@heatonCPL Winter 2001, December 6th
Loading up for the last week of CS:GO tournaments ever! Golden era in hand as always (except during Christmas times when we are blessed with Skun Tomte the GOAT) @nocco
I know what Im drinking all summer! Hello Juicy Melba
Outsmarting notorious camper @henrikwestman #csgo #cs #grims
2022 has been as fantastic year! Thank you all for making this possible! And to celebrate that our awesome @rasmus.lf has made an amazing 2022 highlight video on YouTube! Be sure to check it out, link in bio!
Tonight I got awarded the Esports Awards Lifetime Achievement. Beyond grateful and honoured
WELCOME GOD CEO @heaton Godsent is blessed to present Emil Heaton Christensen as the new CEO of the organisation. Heaton has become a partner and major shareholder in the company and will work besides its founder Ludwig Sandgren in running the business and spearhead the CSGO division.
A very special day today, 20 years ago we won our second World-championship! Oh the memories Happy midsummer to all of you
The good old days when I actually was good at CS #csgo #gaming #counterstrike #pubg #gamer #csgomemes #csgoskins #fortnite #game #esports #dota #cs #twitch #memes #steam #rkiye #csgoclips #games #csgomeme #counterstrikeglobaloffensive #csgofunny #pubgmobile #csgovideos #valve #csgoturkiye #csgos...
TAG A NOOB player I miss the good old CS days