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An indefinite farewell to this community Ive been sitting on this decision for months, and although every goodbye comes with pain and loss, Ive come to understand that sometimes we need to be brave enough to outgrow the things that no longer serve us - this is my declaration of bravery I am physi...
I tried writing a few words to explain how much this man means to me, but his love leaves me utterly speechless every single time. I cant wait to come home to you. Only 6 more days, roomie
A rough start to the week left me feeling a little bit out of sorts, so in order to dig myself out of that dark place, I needed to make a change the physical environment Im in plays a HUGE role in my mental health, so when Im feeling stuck, I know its in my best interest to create some distance ...
Moving, traveling, & living out of a suitcase has been enough to stir up my normal routine but even in my NYC hotel room, Ive still got @corepoweryoga on the mind bummed I cant be strolling into my favorite H Street classes in DC anymore, but that doesnt hold me back from rolling out my mat to...
Hellooooooo New York nice to see you, old friend. Its so special being able to soak in another weekend with my gang before parting our separate ways, and NYC isnt the worst place in the world to do it. Crepes, cocktails, and a little bit of chaos - Im definitely here for it
NYC BOUND making my way to the city for a veryyyy special weekend my big brother is celebrating his 30th birthday!! This will be my first time back in New York in 5 years! Any recommendations?
OPERATION MOVE ACROSS THE COUNTRY phase one, complete! turned in the keys to my charming DC apartment and made the trip back to my parents place in PA to start gearing up for phase two! WHOOIts still hard to believe that a full year in DC came and went so quickly, but that chapter of my life wa...
GUYS! COME HANGOUT WITH ME TONIGHT! Ill be celebrating the grand opening of the newest H Street @corepoweryoga studio here in DC, and I want YOU to join me! My yogis at CPY are so kindly offering FREE classes all week to officially kick things off so come hang, meet our community, and sip on so...
You look so happy, Hannah. Your glow is contagious. one of my clients stopped mid-session this morning to share these beautiful words with me, and I can truly say it was one of the most meaningful compliments Ive ever receivedI believe Im on the brink of magic in my crazy, complex, ever-changing...
Back from paradise and back from living in my little Instagram-free bubble to keep it simple, lets just say that signing off and stepping back from this online world was a total, absolute, overwhelmingly incredible R E L I E FYou know that horrible black hole we all get sucked into? For the fi...
HELLO BEACH, GOODBYE SOCIAL MEDIA see ya in a week! Lets be honest, Instagram sucks sometimes. More often than not, we open the app for some mindless entertainment, but end up closing the app with a fresh coat of self doubt, jealousy, or inadequacy. WHY THE HELL DO WE INVITE THAT INTO OUR LIVES...
Another 13.1 for the books a gorgeous morning for a run! No PR or first place finishes for me today - just out here for my daily dose of sweat and sunshine. Now, off to brunch