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PCD (Posterior Chain Developer) LIVE FOR PRE SALE!-This video shows the dual landmine style base relocated to its front port on the frame to give a little look at some of the versatility that alone adds to this already wild unit!-After years of development, blood, sweat, and tears, we are incredi...
HARDCORE TRAINER SHOUT OUT GOES TO @sienna.fit_ WHO DID HER VERY FIRST WELLNESS COMPETITION AND CAME HOME WITH THREE 1ST PLACE METALS! @sienna.fit_ has been with us since last December. She came to us with tons of experience and knowledge in the training friend. She fit right in with our team ...
All morning classes are cancelled due to the continued road closures and severe weather we are suppose to have through tomorrow morning. All afternoon classes will be as regularly scheduled. Stay safe Hardcore Fam. See you tomorrow afternoon.
We want to be extra cautious to protect our Fitfam being on the roads tomorrow as Hurricane Hillary approaches. We will see you all on Monday. Stay safe.
CANT DO A PULL UP? Heres how to strengthen your muscles to do one. Do eccentric pull ups. Instead of trying to pull yourself up jump to the top of the pull up bar and slowly let yourself down. Its the opposite movement of doing the actual pull up and is harder than it looks but it works and will ...
Monday Motivation! Start your week of right and with a purpose.
DOWN 80lbs! Congratulations to our member @kaneisthename is down a total of 80lbs since she started her fitness journey. Every single day we see her in the gym putting in work and is always giving it her all. We are so happy for her success and love having her as a member of our gym.
Everyone was pumped up for the 4th of July!
Our trainers look around the room and catch partners vibing in every class Must be the fire playlistsTag your dance partner #hcf #gymaddict #scv #gym #gymmotivation #funny
Our members know how to start the weekend off right! Sun out Guns out!
Happy Birthday to our amazing trainer @_its_just_nick_ As you can see he is always making us all laugh. We hope he has a wonderful birthday!
9 DAYS LEFT UNTIL OUR SUMMER CHALLENGE BEGINS! Dont lets a couple planned events or vacations keep you from feeling great and looking your best this summer. Dont make excuses make changes. I promise you wont regret it. Want more info dm us 60! Members can purchase challenge through the app under ...