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I read books puzzle knit write recipes for mealmentor podcast research on weightloss science recipes shortcuts sheher
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Born in Boulder, Colorado, we've been blazing the plant-based trail since the '70's — helping everyone make delicious choices that do a world of good.
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The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine promotes preventative medicine and encourages higher standards in research.
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Gene Baur is farmsanctuary cofounder and president and an activist and author called the conscience of the food movement by TIME magazine
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Birthday trip to Glacier National Park Photo dump! at the end! @glaciernps We did the high line trail, 6 hours, 15.4 miles
we are really mainstream now pals!! Carrot dogs at the supermarket! (Theyre vegan, minimal ingredients, some flavors also oil-free) @bolthousefarms @safeway #vegan #veganfinds #carrotdog #carrotdogs #wunderroots
Wowie in addditon to all the new pumpkin things, @traderjoes just dropped tons of accidentally vegan goods! I cant even post them all! #vegan #traderjoesfinds #traderjoesvegan
Exciting find at 711 @silk Life is better #dairyfree especially with oat milk!
I found some new #vegan items at #traderjoes today. So glad theyre clearly labeling vegan items. Saves so much time! #vegantraderjoes Have you had any of these!?
A 10yo asked me if being vegan was a choice. At first I said yes but the more I talked to her, the more I realized its not a choice for me based on my values and goals. WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS?
FREE EVENT Thursday, Sept. 9, 2021, 5-6 p.m. ET (2-3 p.m. PT)In this one-hour webinar w/ @drnealbarnard, youll learn the science behind how a plant-based diet can alleviate troublesome menopause symptoms that are plaguing 40-50 million women in the United States.I'll be a special guest at the eve...
well this is a surprise! The man who was so critical of vegans has changed his tune!! According to @vegnews he is also adding plant-based dishes to his restaurants!! This makes me so happy to hear. People can change! to @gordongram Keep leading by example & voting with your dollars folks! It...
So many new vegan finds @traderjoeslist Every time I go (which is every few months) I find more then I can share. Curse that 10 photo limit. Have you tried any of these!? #vegan #traderjoes #traderjoesfinds #traderjoesvegan
Its not hard being vegan (+ whole food, plant-based, no oil). All these recipes come from #happyherbivore holidays & gatherings cookbook. The biscuits are on the blog free. collards, creamed tomatoes, tempeh bacon, GF biscuits, baked beans, white bean gravy #vegan
QUESTION Do you prefer when stores put all the vegan products together like this? What are your Thoughts? (This photo was posted by @genebaur taken at a @traderjoes)