Hal Koerner

I came from the west virginia coal mines the rocky mountains and the western skies
author field guide to ultrarunning
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Live how you run
THE GAME CHANGERS shows a glimpse my NY Times bestselling memoirs NORTH and Eat Run tell the full story Vegan since 1999
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Just Do It
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Doing it for the gram (crackers). The ones with a hle in the middle. Knocked out three miles this morning with these sandbaggers, hopefully the discomfort is as easily forgotten as remembering to flush the toilet. The afterglow from their time on the trails should last a little longer.
All those worn out shoes for a moment like this.
Happy Mothers Day to the ones that never miss a beat! @dlk6811
I dont know where the weekend, I mean weeks went.
What a month. @chuckanut50k, @thespeedproject, @daybreakrunning Gorge Waterfalls 50k. I think it was all about running, maybe just chasing a dream. My son always asks, what place were you, dad? I tell him its not what place I was, but where. I was in the right place at the right time, bud. I know...
Keep your timeKeep your mindKeep humble
@halkoerner talks about how he survived the late race urge to quit. I dont think he really positions himself as an elite even though he could. Hes very much about the essence of ultra running even though he won the first several @bear100runs dating back to 1999, a couple @wsers in 2007/2009, @an...
Ill just be right here, waiting for arm sleeves and visors to come back in fashion. Sometimes Im a walking contradiction, or perhaps its a juxtaposition. Training heavy miles on the decomposed granite to get ready for the @thespeedproject is probably not the best way to harden the legs. However,...
Halfway to everywhere. After a couple days on the treadmill its nice to be reacquainted with a different kind of suffering. I still find myself chasing old times on routes and chasing the ghosts of past training partners even though I know its a futile pursuit and a meaningless measuring stick ha...
A healthy amount of mindful solitude goes a long way, apparently to where cameras cant capture speed. 9 miles and 4K of vert is just about the perfect race distance to get that trashed feeling to last all weekend. I honestly never thought I would count uphill steps again but it was all I could do...
Summer, you coming back, right?
Peace on Earth. Peace out 2023.