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I came from the west virginia coal mines the rocky mountains and the western skies
author field guide to ultrarunning
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THE GAME CHANGERS shows a glimpse, my NY Times bestselling memoirs NORTH and Eat & Run tell the full story. Vegan since 1999.
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Just Do It.
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Halfway to everywhere. After a couple days on the treadmill its nice to be reacquainted with a different kind of suffering. I still find myself chasing old times on routes and chasing the ghosts of past training partners even though I know its a futile pursuit and a meaningless measuring stick ha...
A healthy amount of mindful solitude goes a long way, apparently to where cameras cant capture speed. 9 miles and 4K of vert is just about the perfect race distance to get that trashed feeling to last all weekend. I honestly never thought I would count uphill steps again but it was all I could do...
Summer, you coming back, right?
Peace on Earth. Peace out 2023.
Not better than the Blue Oyster we had. It cant be. I cant handle that. - Dale Denton
The weather outside is frightful but the fire is certainly getting stoked for a delightful 2024 racing season. As I look forward to race directing @siskiyououtbacktrailruns and #pinetopalm100 this summer I am thrilled to be back working with the Southern Oregon running community that helped get ...
Blinded by the lightWith a boulder on my shoulderFeelin kinda olderI tripped the merry-go-roundThe more things change, the more I stay the same. Might have to work on that, but I sure know I love this wacky ultrarunning community and would risk it all to spend another day on the trails. But just ...
As fun as is was to experience the many wonderful performances in the desert this weekend, ultimately Im happy to have run three loops and been mistaken for men with better beards. What a treat to witness the magic that Jamil, Jubilee and their entire team have created. I cant imagine a better pa...
Metamucil musical? Getting there, but no one can pull off the big five-oh with as much energy and youth as @scottjurek. Special evening ushering in the new era with old and new friends alike.
California always brings out the hippie in me. Maybe its the hipster.
On my level. Couple eighty degree days here in Ashland, please please please play it cool @javelinajundred.
Maybe youll rest sometime?!Well I wish I could, I wish I could.