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My Vietnamese pho and other noodles adventures this trip comes to an end finally! This time I made sure I tried other styles and noodle places. Bun Bo Hue is a winner Bun Bo Vy Da Xua. Went out to this place in District 7 and to try another place called Pho Dinh 3 so TWO bowls in 40mins and it...
Accompanying @myoliemyolie to her show at Sands Macau.Got a sneaky video of her practising on the way in the car when she thought I was taking photos Actually this is one of my favourite songs by Faye Wong and Lau Por Loo Lit Len Gor Song Toi Chong Gor. Hau Kin Lit
Happy Mothers Day to AMAZING mummy @myoliemyolie The commitment to being a working mother has been nothing short of astonishing. From travelling long distances after work just to spend time with the kids for even half a day, being totally hands on with schoolwork and activities, being a fun mummy...
The new and rare Tudor Black Bay Chrono PinkIf David Beckham and Jay Chou can rock it, I thought maybe I can give it a try too @tudorwatch Thanks @wkslam9 @yesandrightwatchhk Jok Foon Hung Set Gin Hea Tie Daam!
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Pure love The boys can be quite sweet sometimes when they are not tearing things apart Tiam Gor Mit Tong!#LumBao #LiamYikWangLee #RyanYikLamLee #BrendanYikTingLee
We only meet at childrens parties nowAnd I guess daddies have the same dress sense too @benontheroad @rucochan #daddies #weekendactivities
A belated happy 3rd birthday to our youngest boy Liam.Definitely the cheekiest, naughtiest, and funniest of all our boys. This year since starting school, Liams spoken and social skills have gone through the roof.From having funny conversations, singing the same songs over and over again, playing...
Been getting online shopping tips from Mrs Lee recently and I came across this brand and bought these jackets because they do adult and kids sizes. Pretty good pricing too.Mrs Lee made us pose in them. Never knew my boys learnt how to strike a pose from their mummy So. Stretchy denim! Never even...
Brendan made a pizza at his classmates birthday party today He saved me a piece and insisted that I should eat it.Me Why son?Brendan Because its the best pizza in the world daddyMe Oh really? Why is that?Brendan Hmmm because Brendan Lee made itMe Oh wow, so how much would it be if you sold it?Br...
Another year older, my boys helped me make a wish for my birthday. When I asked them what they wished for, one said to be able to sleep with mummy and daddy forever, another said to eat mangoes everyday, and the youngest didnt know what a wish was A good gathering of friends from bygone party ye...