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Holiday appointments Dear Clients,Were halfway through the holiday season and all slots are currently booked. If youre showing signs of sickness (COVID, flu, or cold), kindly reschedule. I need to stay healthy - many heads of hair are relying on me, including my two littles ones at home.However,...
As I always say, healthy hair is the best hair, and the right hair color is the best color! And hey, don't forget to book your hair appointment before the holidays Can you believe the year is coming to a close?#HairGoals #HealthyHairJourney #HolidayPrep #sandiegohairstylist
Happy 11th to @studionnsd The number 11 is considered a powerful and significant number in spiritual and esoteric traditions. It represents intuition, insight, spiritual awakening, and balance. It is associated with manifestation, synchronicity, and may be seen as a message from spiritual guides ...
Embracing the Arrival of Fall with a Touch of Pumpkin Spice Hair! As the autumn season unfolds, I couldn't resist sharing some enchanting pumpkin spice hair looks. And guess what? The latest trend in town is none other than the captivating 'Cowboy Copper' shade. Personally, I have always adored w...
As we bid farewell to summer and welcome the season of fall, let's celebrate the beginning of this magical time. Despite San Diegos recent spell of peculiar weather, the fall equinox on September 22 brought about a refreshing change. While the traditional fall palette often leans towards darker ...
With over 19 years of dedicated practice, I've mastered the art of hair color. My passion lies in creating clean, vibrant looks that emphasize the natural beauty of each client's hair. I prioritize the health and nourishment of the hair, using high-quality products and precise application techniq...
Shes in her blonde era. #asianblonde #sandiegohairstylist #studionnsd #hairbynn
Wolf cut for senior photo. #wolfcut #sandiegohairstylist #hairtransformation
Embracing the Golden Hour: A moment of tranquility in my studio where the sun's gentle touch reminds me to pause, breathe, and find gratitude in the beauty and goodness that surrounds me.
Youre invited!Join us as we celebrate the summer solstice social! It's an evening filled with craft cocktails, delectable small bites, and an opportunity for us to share all the exciting new things we have to offer.As the sun reaches its peak and bathes the world in golden light, we invite you to...
Easy like Sunday morning.
Color refresh for my favorite tattoo artist @jordanlentztattoos