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Eid outtakes! Surprise! That is ya girl cuttin up da meat Did you know?
Who yall pickin? DM for everyones @ for $100 #eidmubarak2024
Be who you are! my dads not mad at you anymore, he understands, xoxoHelp me wish him a happy pride in the comments! He tuned in! #hadyouatsalaam
Eid Mubarak! Inshallah all my negawz bekhair from my family to yours! Love you the recap is in stories now!
Serious question! Eid Mubarak!
Sighhhh! Eid core xoxo! I have to keep this full glam face beat for 18 hours today and I cant wash it off to remake wuduu! And I cant make wuduu on top its gona ruin it! And cant hold in this fart any LONGERHELP!
Hey!!! Eid Mubarak! Xoxo
Girl my 80 year old grandma does NOT need to know about the roster wtf!!! You tryina sKill her ???
Whats not clicking Sulayman???!?!!!??
All this happened within one day. The 5th of June 2024..The violence is unconscionable but so is the world's collective silence..And for those wondering what can I do?, the answer is PLENTY... Learn and amplify Sudanese scholars and activists and stories. Make the calls to your electeds, sign th...
So mature