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i host ( @racechaserpod) & travel (4gigs: gina@mybestjudy.com). @sucklessfaceandbodyoriginal CEO. Shazza in @deathdropplay www.cameo.com/willam
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Más sabor más unidad más Hispanic Latin American stories to celebrate HispanicHeritageMonth
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I snatched a crown 34 #birthday #love
Have a great weekend
But Padam on spotify #gym #workout #photooftheday
While on set of DRAG ME TO DINNER with @willam and @theonlyalaska5000 I had the honor to witness the comedy geniuses that they are! A little bts trivia: right before the cameras were rolling, both of them were telling me how nervous they were and not sure that their dinner party would be any good...
Drag Me to Dinner! With @thebiancadelrio and me! I invite you all to watch the new show on Hulu! Amazing Drag Queens compete to put on a dinner party, with lots of laugh and crazy moments. Bianca is one of the judges and I am in a few episodes helping the contestants set the party! Out now on @hu...
Time to freshen up my skin with my dermatologist @dr_bradley_glodny at @580parkavederm here in NYC! Its been 8 months since my last visit, so I was really looking forward to renew my Botox and @allerganaesthetics Juvderm fillers - all very subtle to smooth out my skin and get rid of tiredness an...
Summer come to me
Today I came to visit Found Collectibles @foundcollectibles , a beautiful gallery with curated mid-century Brazilian furniture and decor! I got stunned by the gorgeous pieces they have, like this Jangada chair im sitting on in the first picture! Its located in the Garment District in Manhattan! C...
Feliz dia das mes pra melhor!!! Muita sa @maranaspolini
I got the chance to watch The Five Devils on @mubi, a fantastic film with a queer love story mixing romance, suspense and supernatural. Its the debut of visionary female director La Mysius. The movie follows Vicky, a little girl who lives with her mother Joanne and father Jimmie. When Vickys aunt...
Throwback to beach days to manifest summer #summer #beach #love
Everybodys looking forward to the weekend #tgif #selfie #photooftheday