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Swedish jazz star Multi instrumentalist dancer singer Composer Vaudeville Youtubecomusercarlingjazz Check out tour dates gunhildcarlingnet
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My radio station with my art and music is up. Im so happy new content every week Have a wonderful Friday !!
ngelholm!!! Im coming to you Den 6 Juni kl 19.00 Welcome
What a week! I had birthday and celebrated a whole week. We had a gig at Nonnis and I have improved my arranging skills and art. And the big band album is ready to be published ! thanks for being in my life
Im so happy to go back to Dresden Dixieland festival next year checkout updates on
Carling Family.Artist: @gunhildcarlingA very famous jazz artist and family.About the art:From my AI collection.Made with @nightcafestudio #ai #aiart #aiartist #apples #art #artificialintelligence #beautiful #beauty #cat #catlover #colorful #digitalart #digitalartist #dream #edit_innovative #edit_...
Me and my favourite girls
Good friends at my birthday party.
Playing at Nonnis with the best
Ill be guest with the Count Basie Orchestra July 14-14 So happy and excited !! Come see me in Stanford and Grass Valley
Thanks for watching my live stream today !!!
I am having birthday today and I am feeling like a queen Im just sitting here in the sunshine and enjoying the bird singing and how wonderful it is to have friends and family and fans like you out there so thanks for being in my life. Have a wonderful day, everybody.
My wonderful nephews Wille, Gustav and Thore