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#MondayMindset Thats enough thinking. Now its time for action.
#WorkoutWednesday Total Body Strength & Conditioning5 Rounds: - Double KB Cleans x 10- LM Pounce Squat x 10- Core Bridge Alternates x 10 ES- Bulgarians x 10 ES1 Min Max Reps:- French Press/Close grip bench combo #Getinthelab
#TechniqueTuesday Using FOAccess my man Luke and I have spent the past 3 weeks upgrading every part of his FaceOff game. Priority 1 was getting his stance dialed in. Luke had never had anyone go through the proper angles with him. Learning moves is pointless if your stance isnt optimized. It w...
#MondayMindsetGet Moving, theres work to be done.
#WorkoutWednesday Total Body Strength & Conditioning5 Rounds: - Single Hand Cleans x 10 ES- LM High Pull x 5 ES- Alt knee raise x 10 ES- Cyclist Squat x 10 ES1 Min Max Reps:- Cheated Hammer Curls #Getinthelab
#TechniqueTuesday Optimizing your clamp with the hand punch drill.1. Target the wasted movement2. Reinforce correct technique 3. Improve the speed of your first move#FOArmy#Getinthelab #FreeKnowledge
#MondayMindset When life gets tough Stay analytical, not emotional. #StayFocused
#WorkoutWednesday Total Body Strength & Conditioning5 Rounds: - Single Hand Swing x 10ES- LM Deadlift x 5 ES- Banded Crunch x 10- Front Squat w/Pause x 5 ES1 Min Max Reps:- Dips #Getinthelab
#TechniqueTuesday Slow Mo - RVC > Front Door ExitIf you can master this, its way easier than having to swim an opponent to go forward and can be done vs any level of opponent.1. RVC2. Crank left hand towards belly button3. Paint the midline4. Rotate wrist and exit#FOArmy#Getinthelab #FreeKnowledge
#MondayMindset Im truly blessed that I found my people when I was 6 years old. An epic weekend with my OG Legends. #Grateful
#MondayMindset No matter their personality. Leaders Lead.
#MondayMindset My Why has changed over time. But Ive never had a greater purpose.